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I don’t have much time to write today because I have five more chapters of Huckleberry Finn to read before I head off to Central’s youth group tonight, but let me just say that the guys at our school suck at volleyball. They’re not just bad; they suck. One guy doesn’t care at all and so he just stands there and hits it only if it comes to him. Another guy, an avid skateboarder, won’t even jump to spike or block the ball – I should tell him to ollie to get the ball, it might work better. The rest of them take it seriously at least, but we still have less than a 0% chance that we’ll win at the tournament on Friday. It’s disgusting. At least the girls know what they’re doing. We’re just working at getting the right formation on the court. Despicable. Pathetic. Disgusting.

Good thing I really could care less about winning a girls’ sport.

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