The Difference

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I think I’ve resolved the issue I had about whether what was going on in my church from last week was “the real thing,” if you will. After that service, I basically said to God, “You know, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I really want to know. If this is from You, then let me see a continued change. I mean, I don’t want to test You, but I need to know if this is the real deal. So I want to see a change in people next Sunday – especially in Pastor Al.” That was my honest prayer to God. I chose Pastor Al because he was one of the people this guest pastor prayed with. But I just wanted to see a change. Normally my church is quite conservative; we’re not one of those Pentecostal churches where everyone’s dancing and waving flags and such.

This week was different. We had been singing worship songs for about ten minutes, and Pastor Lyndon said that people could come to the altar to worship God. I’d say over half the church just got up and went there and started worshipping. It was amazing. Everyone had a passion that I haven’t seen in many of them before. I mean, there have been people at my church with a passion for Christ, but not that many and not that strong. Everyone was just different; it was a significant change, and one that I’m going to put my trust in as coming from God. Pastor Al was more than just his usual energetic self; he had a different look in his eyes today – I can’t explain it, I just know it. As I looked down on the people at the altar from the stage as I played my bass, I could see the look in their eyes, the same look that I get when I just want to stand there worshipping God forever. It was that look that a person gets when they just completely throw everything else in their life away and reach out to worship the Maker of this universe. I could see that change.

Tonight there’s a combined service between the main service and the youth service, in the main auditorium. As far as I know, the youth is leading worship, but I’m not quite sure. All I know is that I’m playing bass, and that’s good enough for me. It’ll be a little strange playing the songs that we normally play at youth in front of the older people, and especially in front of my parents. That’ll be a little different, but it might be fun. We’ll see where that goes.

In other news, there is no other news. I think I’ve said all I need to say, so I’ll just end this right here before I start rambling.

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