Road Trip!

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Last night was pretty fun. At school, Bethany asked me if I wanted to go to a concert with her in Cambridge – she was going with Anita and Jordan, although Jordan didn’t end up going. I told her I’d think about it, but later I got back to her and said I wasn’t really interested, considering I’m not really wanting to hang out with her and Anita (no offense, but they’d be hyper and everything and I wouldn’t be), I wasn’t interested in the band playing, and I didn’t want to spend the money.

So, instead, I opted for a cheaper alternative and went over to Steph’s house. She had told me a bunch of people were coming over from her youth group, and said I could come if I wanted. I told her I might, depending on whether I could get the car. Since she lives out in Vanessa – the middle of nowhere – I thought I might be able to convince my parents to let me take the car. And you know what? They did! It was awesome. I mean, I still can’t believe that I can drive. I can’t believe even more that my parents are actually letting me drive. They’ve totally relaxed on their rules about the car, which is amazing.

So I took the car out for a half-hour drive and finally got to her house. I was the first one there, just because my dad told me to go while it was still light out, probably because he thought I was going to die a horrible death as soon as the sun went down or something. Anyways, Angie, Kristy, Kristin, and Michelle showed up soon afterwards, complete with complaining capabilities. Kristy was wanting to dye her hair, and Angie wanted to get some dye for Jordan’s hair. They apparently didn’t have time to pick some up on the way there, and Kristy wanted to do it tonight. And then they looked at me. That was when I started sweating. But, seeing as the party wasn’t too happenin’ anyways (we weren’t doing anything at all, actually), I figured I might as well give them a ride out to Simcoe to get some hair dye. I think as soon as I agreed to their request, I immediately had the notion that something was going to go wrong. So we left Kristin and Michelle there, though I’m not sure why except that they didn’t want to go, and Kristy, Angie, Steph, and myself all went on a road trip to Simcoe.

So there we were, driving to Simcoe. Everything was going fine, but I think I missed a road or something – I forget what exactly happened, so we had to turn around. I pulled into a driveway, and was about to back up when this dog from the house came out of nowhere and started barking at the car. By this point, I was very, very glad that there wasn’t much traffic on the road. I was half out of the driveway with a dog that was right in front of the car and wouldn’t move. The girls, especially Kristy, the animal-lover, were all screaming that I was going to hit the dog, and meanwhile, I’m trying to back up the car so I can get it on the side of the car instead of in front of it – that way I can get backed out fully and onto the road. But believe me, trying to think when there are three girls screaming in your ear is no easy task. Plus, the dog was on the opposite side of the car, so I couldn’t see it too well, especially since it was dark and Kristy in the driver’s seat was waving her hands around and screaming like a banshee.

To make a long story short, after honking the horn a couple times and continuing to slowly back up, I finally got turned around onto the road. The dog was beside the car now, and I figured it would be safe to make a run for it before it decided to run in front of the car again like the stupid dog it was. I started to drive forward, but the dog chased alongside us, while the girls continued screaming and doing nothing useful – unless you count damaging my eardrums permanently “useful.” I finally just sped up to outdrive the dog, and that was that. The girls then started breathing sighs of relief, and then started talking about how we almost killed a dog. I just told them, “Okay, we didn’t almost kill a dog. I was going like two kilometres per hour. I wouldn’t have killed it. So shut up!” That quieted them down a bit, though it didn’t shut them up.

And then we were on the road to Simcoe. We got there and they spent about six hours in Zellers trying to pick out the exact shade of hair dye that they wanted. I sort of stood there and let my eyes wander until they slowly blurred and I lost consciousness. It’s great sleeping while standing up. But eventually they decided that shade 106 was better than shade 107 or however the stupid stuff works and went to the checkout. I think they spent about 15 or 20 minutes in total in that store just looking at stupid boxes with fake-looking people on the front. But the ride home was much more uneventful. We got home and the guys had finally showed up, so the party could get started – as much as a non-party could.

It was a pretty fun night. They had about six thousand bags of chips – or maybe six, at least – and we watched Dodgeball, one of the best movies of all time. I think there were about ten people there in total, but it was pretty cool. After the movie, we just sort of hung out and talked for a little while. My mom called at about 11:30, a call I was sort of expecting at some point or other, and she basically said that I needed to come home. I waited about ten minutes and then decided I might as well listen to her. So I said my goodbyes and drove home.

I got a little turned around on the way home, because I accidentally turned at the wrong set of lights. I found out I was going the wrong way pretty quickly, though, so I turned around and got back on track. I must say, though, it’s pretty sweet driving out in the middle of nowhere. I felt so free. It’s been so amazing ever since my parents relaxed their rules. Just less than a month ago, I couldn’t even drive with anyone else in the car except for my family. Of course, I still did drive people around once in a while. But there’s really no point to driving alone most of the time. I mean, most of the stuff I do is with other people, so it doesn’t make any sense for me to drive myself somewhere alone and have them get a ride, and then they have to call to get a ride home while I drive myself home. I mean, it’s a waste of their parents’ time when my car is available. But anyways, that’s all over now, which is good.

I forgot to mention that near the beginning of the night, before the trip to Simcoe and back, Steph was trying to make conversation and was like, “So, who do you like?” Since I have an absolute repulsion for that question, I obviously denied everything she said. As the other girls got there, they sat down and Steph told them, “Hey there. Jeff was just about to tell us who he liked.” Angelie got all excited and started pestering me for about ten or fifteen minutes. But I was proud of myself. I didn’t give in, not even once. The only thing I gave into was laughing at some of the names she asked about. Some of them were pretty ridiculous.

But anyways, the hilarious part was that I really don’t even have anyone I like. I mean, Steph asked me if I liked anyone and I said no, but then she said to the others that I was going to tell them who I liked – which implies that there is someone. I mean, I have a few girls that I wouldn’t mind going out with, but I’m not obsessed with anyone. I would like some if they liked me, but I’m not going to waste my time trying to get them to. And some of them were there last night, too. But you know what? Girls are too unpredictable to waste time on trying to get them to like you. They either do or they don’t, and you take what you can get. The point is to be a likable person rather than trying to get someone to like you. So, Angie, if you’re reading this, will you go out with me? Just kidding. But I mean, there’s really no “special someone” right now, so no one had better bother asking me. Everyone should just let me know when someone likes me so I don’t get freaked out when I start getting stalkers waiting outside my door. That’d be appreciated, thanks.

So that was last night. Tonight I’ve got to work on a Biology project with Beth, Jon, and Lana, which should be incredibly boring, unless we actually don’t do anything – then it might be fun. Most likely not, though. Blah blah blah, that’s all I have to say. Rock on.

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