Relaxing With Just a Hint of Blogging

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Yet another day goes by. I haven’t done much today except read some online comics and listen to music. I played bass for a bit as well, but it didn’t hold my interest for very long. I’ve basically just been relaxing, and it feels great.

To expand a bit on what I just said, I was looking for some more online comics to read, and I found one called “Adventurers!” It sounds like a really cheesy title, and believe me – the title fits the comic. But it’s still pretty good. It had me laughing, not like some comics where they’re just not funny. This one’s about video game characters, and plays on some of the quirky little things that video games do – like how bad guys always carry new weapons that you can pick up after you defeat them, but they never seem to use them on you. Or, of course, there’s also the times where there’s this really impressive attack – and then it does only a tiny bit of damage. Anyways, I’ve never really been a big fan of RPG games, but I still think it’s a pretty funny comic. So I’m working my way through reading it.

I’ve also been downloading some music by Anberlin and Dead Poetic. I just heard about them not too long ago, and I really like them. Sometimes the singer gets a bit annoying, but the screaming makes up for that, I suppose. It’s better than a band Jordan told me about, MewithoutYou – he didn’t like it either, but he told me to download it. I’m not sure what the heck is going on with these guys, but we weren’t really sure whether they’re singing or talking. I think the guy’s just mostly being annoying, because if it’s singing, it’s really off-tune, and if it’s talking, it’s sort of a raspy talking that has a hint of screaming in it. It’s really…disgusting.

Tonight I’m heading over to the Tozer’s house to finally finish off this Biology project. We’re all meeting there and working on it, and then it should just be a matter of putting it up on the wall at school on Monday. The plan is to make a bristolboard cut-out of a cow saying “Got somatotropin?” and use the different spots on the cow to hold our information. It’ll be something like that, anyway. I think the cow’s name is Sha-moo, like the whale, but with moo instead; don’t blame me, I didn’t come up with it.

Anyways, I have nothing else to say except that I hope you all die. Just kidding, of course. It just sounded like a good ending, that’s all.

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