Phone Calls and an Egg-cellent Breakfast

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Today has been an interesting day – it’s strange because usually Saturday mornings are the most uneventful day for me. It all started at about 5:30 AM – well, the day technically started at 12:00 midnight, but for me it was at 5:30 when I woke up. This happened several times during the night – my traditional waking up ceremony that I so wonderfully enjoy (not).

Anyways, at about 10:00 AM, my mom came into my room and woke me up to tell me they were leaving for this funeral thing that they were going to up north. She told me some stuff that I really don’t remember much of, except that they were coming back around 6:00 PM or so. I said something like, “Mhm, alright,” and drifted back off to sleep. I think they ended up leaving around 10:15 or so, and by 10:30 I suddenly woke up. Boom – I was wide awake. It was weird. So I went downstairs, grabbed some cookies, and continued walking downstairs to turn on the computer. This is my typical Saturday morning routine. Get up, get something to eat, go on the computer and visit all my regular websites.

After I had enough of being lazy, I decided to go up and have a shower. I got in, did that cool stuff we like to call “hygeine,” and was just drying myself off when the phone rang. Now, while my sister is home for the summer, she’s actually out at a friend’s house for a couple of days in like Ingersoll or something. With my parents being out as well, I was the only one to answer the phone. So I quickly put on some boxers (because answering a phone while naked is just…weird) and raced to pick up the phone. On the other end of the phone was Steph, who coincidentally was also the one who had called me. So there I was, talking to Steph in my boxers. My hair was still wet as well, so it was quickly drying in a crazy wavy style as I was talking to her. She basically wanted to know whether I was going to the party at Jake’s house, and if so, could I pick her up from work. But of course, phone conversations are never that short. After about half an hour, she said she had to go, and I was thinking, “Okay, now I can actually dry my hair and get dressed.” But, of course, since it’s Steph, she never seems to shut up, so she got talking about something else. After an hour, we finally said our goodbyes, and that was that. I ended up having to go wet my hair again because I looked like I had just touched an electrical socket or something. So yes, Steph, if you’re reading this, that means I was talking to you for an hour in my boxers; you can get all grossed out now if you wish.

I dried myself off a second time and went to my room to put some clothes on. By this time, it was about 12:30 PM or so, and I was hungry. Well, okay, I was hungry before, but now I was more hungry. So what did I decide to do? Make Egg McMuffins! Well, technically, they’re not McMuffins, since they’re not from McDonald’s, but whatever. Egg Muffins just sounds weird. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any bacon or any kind of meat whatsoever to put in them, so that was now out of the question. It was very disappointing. I was looking forward to hastily scarfing down some delicious Egg McMuffins. So, instead of that, I decided to make french toast.

Now, awhile ago, I asked my mom and my sister how to make french toast, since I’ve never made it before and they have. My sister said that you needed about three eggs, some milk, vanilla extract, and some cinnamon, then you mixed it all together in a bowl, soaked some bread in it, and put it on the frying pan. It sounded pretty simple, but I couldn’t help but think that it was a waste of eggs to put three in for two slices of toast. I was pondering this when I saw a cookbook on the kitchen counter. I decided to go look up french toast and see what they said to do. This cookbook said to use one egg and milk. It mentioned nothing about vanilla extract. So I was a little confused. I decided to use just the one egg, but I put in a little vanilla extract just in case it made it better or something. I still don’t know whether it did or not. I mixed it all together furiously and heated up the little frying pan thing with some butter in it. Soaking the first piece of bread, I fried it up, and it looked great. I put the second piece of bread in the bowl, though, and there wasn’t enough egg mixture left to soak it. There was still part of the bread around the edges with no egg on it. I figured it was a little too late to make more stuff, though, so I plopped it on the frying pan as it was.

All in all, I think I would have preferred Egg McMuffins, but it didn’t taste half bad. I kind of have a feeling I was supposed to toast the bread first, since it’s called french toast, but I decided to heat the frozen bread up in the microwave instead. It didn’t taste bad or anything, so I’m not really sure. Maybe it wasn’t really french toast then; maybe it was really just fried french bread. That really doesn’t sound great, though. Perhaps it just tasted good because I doused it in syrup. Anyways, whatever the case, I was still hungry. I should have made more than just two slices. So as I’m writing this blog, I’m eating popcorn. The butter is probably making the keyboard all slippery, but oh well. I think I deserve to eat and type after my creative cooking exploits for the day. It doesn’t seem like much, but when you’ve grown up in a home where your mom makes everything for you, and if she’s not home, you live off Kraft Dinner and hot dogs, making french toast is a big thing. I figure I’ll probably get tired off KD after a while once I’m off at college, so I might as well learn how to make stuff now instead of waiting until I’m there and starving.

Tonight is, as I’ve already mentioned, Jake’s party at his house, which should be fun. I hope my parents are home in time to either let me have the car or drive me over there, or else I have to try and find a ride from someone else. I’m figuring that since they said they were leaving about 4:00, that they’ll call me then. I also told Steph to call me when she goes on break at work, which she said would be around 4:30 or so. So, if all goes as planned, my parents will call me to tell me that they’re leaving, so I’ll know whether I’ll have a ride. My backup plan is to call Melissa and get her brother to give me a ride, since they live close to my house and are likely going as well. However, that means I’d also have to ask them to pick up Steph at IGA, so it’s not the best plan, although I’m sure he’d do it. Man, I can’t wait until we get a second car again. It’ll be so much easier than having to try and shift everyone’s timetables to correspond to when they can have the car. I mean, some families live with one car just fine, and so did we for a number of years, but once you get two cars, there’s no turning back. You get used to having two cars, and then going back to one car is really hard. I just hope my dad hurries up and gets that second car really soon.

I think that’s all I have to say for today. I guess I ended up telling you the story of what I ate for breakfast, like I said I wouldn’t do yesterday, but oh well. It was more interesting than anything like, “Today I ate Cheerios. I put milk on them.” This was truly a story of intrigue and political backstabbing, as I crushed the egg to put it in the bowl. Actually, I ended up getting egg all over my fingers because I squeezed the shell too hard. I suppose the egg got the last laugh after all. It was still good, though.

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