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I’m really bored right now after waking up early for no apparent reason, so I’m just going to write down some questions that pop into my head. They’re in no particular order, some are relevant to the stuff I’m dealing with right now, and some aren’t. Your job is to figure out which are which…or not. Whatever. Abandon all hope ye who read on.

How come I can never get a good night’s sleep?Why is it that everything has to be planned in advance or else it’ll fall apart?How come even things that are planned in advance fall apart?How come people can’t just do what they say they’re going to do?How come I don’t always do what I say I’m going to do?Why are Garfield cartoons rarely funny?How come some people can never just be happy for you?How come my words always get twisted around?Why does my confidence always come across as arrogance, when it’s really a struggle for me to find anything good to say about myself?How come sometimes the people that seem to have it all together are the ones that really need the most help?How come sliced bread is held up as such a great invention when I could have thought it up myself?What was the greatest thing before sliced bread?Why do I always hesitate to hang out with people when I know I’m going to be bored if I don’t anyways?How come some girls flirt so much and then wonder why all these guys think she…Continue Reading

A Volleyball Night’s Dream

Today was our annual volleyball tournament. It was pretty fun, and the guys did much better than I expected. We won two games of four, and then ended up losing our two playoff games – but we had a lot of really close games. The girls, on the other hand, got first, but then again, they’re playing against girls. And volleyball is a girl’s sport anyways. So I’m done talking about it.

Anyways, not much else happened. I’m very tired, but I still don’t want to sit around here tonight. I’m trying to find someone to do something with me, but so far I haven’t. Meh. Kim wanted me to go to the play at North Park, but I really just don’t feel like going to a play. I’d probably fall asleep or something. So perhaps I’ll go see a movie with someone and fall asleep there instead or something.

I don’t have anything else to say, so perhaps I’ll just shut up. Yes, shutting up would be a good idea. I think I’ll get right on that.…

Battles of the Mind

I was looking on the disk I have with all my poems on it for a good poem to describe what I’m feeling today, but I didn’t really find one. I’m not really in the mood to make one, but let me just describe a little about what’s been going through my head.

It all starts as I dig into the Scripture; I haven’t looked at these passages recently (until now, as I’m looking them up), but they’ve popped into my mind as examples of what I’m talking about. Take a look, first, at what Paul says to the Corinthian church:

“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. Do not cause anyone to stumble, whether Jews, Greeks or the church of God – even as I try to please everybody in every way. For I am not seeking my own good but the good of many, so that they may be saved. Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 10:31-11:1)

Focus mainly on the last sentence. Here Paul tells the Corinthians to follow him as he follows Christ. What an example! Paul had the confidence to say that to these people; he knew that he was strong enough to be Christ-like example to them. He knew that he wouldn’t stumble and lead them astray. Now, take a look at Job:

“I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a girl.…Continue Reading

Singing in the Rain

Coming home from school today was pretty bad. Since it was all nice and warm this morning, I had decided that I didn’t need my hoodie today. Of course, since God seems to have a sense of humour, He obviously decided to send rain today just for that reason. Or maybe not – but anyways, all I had was a nice t-shirt to wear home. And of course, the 4A bus I normally transfer onto had to come early, so I missed it at the mall. I just rode the #2 bus down to Dunsdon St. and got off there, but that’s still about a 10-minute walk in the rain.

As I look back, I suppose it wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t pouring rain, just lightly raining, and it could have been a lot colder than it was (as it was, it was just above the temperature where I would have started shivering). And I’m also glad that I at least saw my bus going by, so I didn’t get off at the mall thinking it hadn’t come yet. Otherwise I’d have to either walk home from the mall in the rain or wait half an hour until the next bus. Neither prospect would particularly appeal to me. So anyways, it wasn’t too bad, just an added unavoidable frustration. Oh well, that’s life I suppose.

I’m not sure what else to talk about right now. I imagine Steph was having a pretty bad day today. Apparently her dad drove away…Continue Reading


I don’t have much time to write today because I have five more chapters of Huckleberry Finn to read before I head off to Central’s youth group tonight, but let me just say that the guys at our school suck at volleyball. They’re not just bad; they suck. One guy doesn’t care at all and so he just stands there and hits it only if it comes to him. Another guy, an avid skateboarder, won’t even jump to spike or block the ball – I should tell him to ollie to get the ball, it might work better. The rest of them take it seriously at least, but we still have less than a 0% chance that we’ll win at the tournament on Friday. It’s disgusting. At least the girls know what they’re doing. We’re just working at getting the right formation on the court. Despicable. Pathetic. Disgusting.

Good thing I really could care less about winning a girls’ sport.…

CDs and Works of Art

I’m not quite sure what to say about today. Some stuff happened, and then some more stuff happened, and then, when all things seemed done, some more stuff happened. That’s about it. I mean, this wasn’t bad stuff or good stuff in particular, just stuff.

Right now I’m listening to a CD by a Christian band called Black Talon. Lana told me to listen to it for her – I’m not quite sure why, but she wanted my opinion of it. Her dad’s the band manager or something like that. Anyways, I’m on the second song of ten, and so far they’re reminding me of a cross between Linkin Park and Pillar. It’s sort of like a heavy hip-hop almost. I’m not sure what exactly to classify it, because it’s definitely not the typical hip-hop, but there’s too much rap to call it punk or anything like that.

And now that I’m into the third song, it’s more of a worship song than anything – which is really strange. Their drums aren’t that bad, let’s put it that way. I like some of the rhythms they have going in the songs. Their guitar is a little too trebley for my tastes and has a bit too much distortion – it makes it sound like they’re trying to be an electronica band or something. Their singer isn’t that bad, and he sounds like the guy off Pillar – but I think the band could really use a screamer in the background.…Continue Reading

Thoughts, Splayed Out for All to See

Bear with me today. I have a whole bunch of random thoughts in my head that I need to write down here. Wait, that’s no different from any other day. But oh well.

First thing up: my pastor used to be a funeral director for a while before he came to our church. With the recent death of a person in my church, the topic of the funeral came up. And of course, the slightly morbid joke came into my head: “Funeral directors are in such high demand. Everyone’s just dying to meet them.” Groan, throw things at me, and then move on. You knew it was coming.

On a completely different topic, I’ve been trying to think of something to write about for my story. I talked about it a while ago somewhere in my mass of blog entries. As of now, I haven’t updated my last story since sometime in November. I just don’t feel any desire to finish it, since it is based on a part of my life that is completely dead to me now. But I do want to start another story. I just have no ideas. It’s kind of strange, actually. I can sit here and write for twenty minutes to half an hour (an hour on a good day) every day, and yet I can’t even get a starting idea for a story. For a long time now, I’ve wanted to write some sort of science fiction story. Of course, the danger there…Continue Reading