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Today was crazy. Everyone was hyper. It felt like Friday, but it’s only Tuesday. It was very strange. Steph and I got Bethany going into convulsions from laughter due to a crazy story we made up about her; by the end of it, she was crying and her stomach hurt from laughing so much. That in itself just made me laugh more.

After school, the Grade 12s stayed later to work on our bovine somatotropin project. We’re almost done now; it was a very productive time. We now have a cow up on the wall, complete with grass, a sun, and two clouds. We have some information in the clouds and on the grass, and some more stapled onto the black spots of the cow. All we have to do is reformat the introduction to fit on the sun and print off a couple more charts/graphs so we can put them on spots. Then we can put all the spots on the cow! It’s pretty amazing. I thought we’d be less organized than this and that we’d be scrambling to get everything done on time. But I guess that just wasn’t the case. It was pretty funny. One of the clouds has a flag on it, like one of those golf flags, with the number nine on it (cloud nine, get it? It was my idea). The other cloud has some pencil shading and some silver pen on the bottom of it (cloud with a silver lining, get it? It was also my idea). I thought that was a nice touch. On top of that, we have a speech bubble coming from the cow saying “got somatotropin?” like those old milk commercials. That, again, was my idea. I’m just such a great idea-maker – or something like that.

Anyways, I still have homework to do, but I also want to go out to youth tonight, so I figure I’ll just go home right after youth instead of hanging out at someone’s house. I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to hang out, but I have a couple charts to print out that we need for tomorrow, and I don’t want to let the rest of the people working on the project down because I was too busy for them. I could care less about the homework part; I just try to keep my commitments and make sure that I do what I said I would do. The homework is just part of that. I have some World Religions stuff to do that has nothing to do with the project, but I figure that if I’m going to skip out on hanging out with people, I might as well have a good reason for it other than just printing off some stuff. But I suppose that’s all I have time to write about. It’s time for youth.

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