CDs and Works of Art

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I’m not quite sure what to say about today. Some stuff happened, and then some more stuff happened, and then, when all things seemed done, some more stuff happened. That’s about it. I mean, this wasn’t bad stuff or good stuff in particular, just stuff.

Right now I’m listening to a CD by a Christian band called Black Talon. Lana told me to listen to it for her – I’m not quite sure why, but she wanted my opinion of it. Her dad’s the band manager or something like that. Anyways, I’m on the second song of ten, and so far they’re reminding me of a cross between Linkin Park and Pillar. It’s sort of like a heavy hip-hop almost. I’m not sure what exactly to classify it, because it’s definitely not the typical hip-hop, but there’s too much rap to call it punk or anything like that.

And now that I’m into the third song, it’s more of a worship song than anything – which is really strange. Their drums aren’t that bad, let’s put it that way. I like some of the rhythms they have going in the songs. Their guitar is a little too trebley for my tastes and has a bit too much distortion – it makes it sound like they’re trying to be an electronica band or something. Their singer isn’t that bad, and he sounds like the guy off Pillar – but I think the band could really use a screamer in the background. Yeah, that’s what’s missing. It’d give it that extra touch that every rap band needs, heh.

Anyways, in other news, there’s no other news to report. I’m not sure what to write about. Last night I got a lot done on my FileReader thing I’ve been working on since September of last year. It’s looking really great, and I think it’s almost done – which is amazing for me, since I never seem to finish anything I start. To recap what I’ve mentioned about it before, it’s basically a web program that reads your files (go figure). It works similar to Windows Explorer, with a list of folders on the side and all the subfolders and files within the currently selected folder in the main section. It’s really a work of art. I mean, it may not look like much to the casual observer, but the people that code in PHP will know how much time and effort has been put into this. It’s massive, definitely the largest script I’ve ever made. This is mainly due to the fact that it has so many options. I took the time to add in the details such as being able to sort, ascending or descending, by name, date modified, type, or filesize. You can move, copy, rename, edit, and delete files. You can create new folders or upload files (if this is used on remote servers, like if you have webspace of your own). I must say, I’m very proud of it.

I think I’m done rambling for now, though. ‘Tis a shame that I really have nothing important to say. I mean, when nothing really amazing happens in your life, it’s hard to talk about stuff. Meh. I don’t think I’d like it if I was constantly on the go all the time.

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