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Phone Calls and an Egg-cellent Breakfast

Today has been an interesting day – it’s strange because usually Saturday mornings are the most uneventful day for me. It all started at about 5:30 AM – well, the day technically started at 12:00 midnight, but for me it was at 5:30 when I woke up. This happened several times during the night – my traditional waking up ceremony that I so wonderfully enjoy (not).

Anyways, at about 10:00 AM, my mom came into my room and woke me up to tell me they were leaving for this funeral thing that they were going to up north. She told me some stuff that I really don’t remember much of, except that they were coming back around 6:00 PM or so. I said something like, “Mhm, alright,” and drifted back off to sleep. I think they ended up leaving around 10:15 or so, and by 10:30 I suddenly woke up. Boom – I was wide awake. It was weird. So I went downstairs, grabbed some cookies, and continued walking downstairs to turn on the computer. This is my typical Saturday morning routine. Get up, get something to eat, go on the computer and visit all my regular websites.

After I had enough of being lazy, I decided to go up and have a shower. I got in, did that cool stuff we like to call “hygeine,” and was just drying myself off when the phone rang. Now, while my sister is home for the summer, she’s actually out at a…Continue Reading

The School Day and Food…Mostly Food

Right now I’m hiding in the basement to escape the wrath of my sister, my sister’s friend, and Dr. Phil on the television. Well, okay, it is true that I’m always hiding out in the basement, but this time, I’m frightened for my life. There’s nothing more scary than my sister’s friends, except for my sister herself – and a pack of hungry, ravenous wolves surrounding you. But that’s a close call.

Today we went swimming again, or rather, everyone else went swimming, and I sat up in the balcony section and read Tom Clancy. Lately I’ve been reading Robinson Crusoe, but I just finished that last night. I also went out shopping last night for a present for my mom for Mother’s Day, and Jennifer wanted to head over to Value Village as well. So I checked out the book section and found Tom Clancy’s Op-Center. They always have cheap Tom Clancy books there, and as long as they’re not falling apart, it’s a great deal. I mean, on the back they say about $8.99 Canadian, and at Value Village, they’re $3.99. That’s what I call awesome. So every time I’m forced to go to that horrid place of musty paradise, I always make sure to get one or two of his books. So, while everyone else was swimming, I was reading that. So far, there’s been some explosion in Seoul, South Korea during a political meeting or something. I’m sure the action will heat up soon.

Tuesday is…Continue Reading

Being Nice, Self-Defense

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Today was Be Nice To Melissa Day for me. It was also Be Nice To Jeff Day for her. Yesterday we agreed to be nice to each other for one day. Boy, that was a struggle. I think we both screwed up at least a couple times, but I suppose it was fun. I’m looking forward to being able to burn her really bad tomorrow, though. Insert the maniacal laugh of your choice here.

I’m starting to really hate Law classes. Lana suddenly gets these ideas to put all the desks in a semicircle for no apparent reason, and then sits beside me so she can knock all the books off my desk constantly – again, for no apparent reason. Last time it was Lana and Holly that pushed them off. This time it was Lana and Bethany. Yes, Bethany Stewart, the person who at one point wouldn’t hurt a fly. My, I’ve brought her up well. She’s now almost as violent as me – except I can never get her to even punch me. It’s pretty funny actually. She’ll hit Zac when he disses her, and then I’ll diss her and she’ll just get mad. I can already see the puppy love forming toward me. Excuse me while I go throw up.

Where was I? Oh yes, people pushing stuff off my desk. This behaviour is similar to the other times when I’ve been attacked by girls that try and put my hair in a ponytail or try to…Continue Reading

Improvise or Die

I think there’s something to be said for being incredibly sexy. I mean, people just seem to think that’s all you are. You’re treated like a piece of meat, or some object to be stared at. You’re no longer a person, but instead a thing that people desire. Being sexy is a hard life. You’re forced to get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say to yourself, “Man, you are hot.” Then you have to go the rest of the day knowing that people around you are thinking the same thing in their head about you. It’s horrible.

I’m obviously saying this from experience, of course. Haha. It’s a hard life, let me tell you. But I’m really not sure why I started writing that. It just popped into my head. I suppose it’s better than the alternative – writing down another one of those “I’m not quite sure what to write about. Today was an average day, blah blah blah.” I get pretty bored of those, but hey, when you have nothing else to write about, you improvise. At least I do. Speaking of improvisation, I’m hungry.…

Frustrations Galore

Sometimes people are stupid. And sometimes that doesn’t bother me. Other times it really does. Right now I’m in a pretty good mood; I’ve been that way all day. But there are some days that people just bug me.

Lately my family’s been getting on my nerves – more than usual, that is. I mean, usually they’re annoying, but I can handle it, and it’s no big deal. But in the past little while, they’ve been more annoying than usual, and it’s been all I can do some days to just keep myself from blowing up. I love them, and so I don’t want to hurt them by suddenly freaking out on them, but sometimes it’s very hard to keep from doing that.

Take, for example, Sunday night. Angelie, Jordan, and I were standing around after youth discussing where to go, since it was only like 8:00 or something and none of us really wanted to go home. My mom comes into the gym and asks me what I’m doing; I tell her that I don’t know, but that we’re working on it. She tells me that she wants to know in five minutes what I’m doing, because she wanted to leave – that was fair enough considering the youth service had gone late and they had stayed around waiting for me. Anyways, we decided to go to Wendy’s, and since Jordan needed money and I wanted to just let my parents go home, Jordan went to call his parents…Continue Reading

Taste Testing

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I can’t say that there’s much to talk about today. In Biology we did some strange experiments. One was with four different cups and sweet, bitter, salty, and sour liquids (sugar water, cold coffee, salt water, and some other weird liquid that I forget). We just took a Q-Tip and put each liquid on all four parts of our tongue, one at a time and rinsing between each. It was really stupid, though, because we’ve been talking about the eye and the ear…not the tongue or mouth. I’m really not sure why we did it at all. I guess it must have had to do with nerves, since it has to do with senses and such.

Anyways, after that, we poked each other on the backs of our hands with markers to test whether receptors are uniformly placed or randomly scattered across the skin. Basically, one person would have to close their eyes and the other person would poke them with a marker. Then the person with their eyes closed would take another marker and try to poke themselves in the same place as they were poked. Then we measured the distance between the two points. So right now I have red and black dots on my right hand. I really don’t think it proved anything, though. I mean, when I had my eyes closed, I could barely tell where my hand was to poke it with the marker. If I could use my finger, I would be able to…Continue Reading

Tongues, Stories, and Obesity

Let’s see here. Today I went to church, then came home and had lunch. I read more of Huckleberry Finn for homework, then read my Bible. Although I’m doing an inductive Bible study on Philippians right now, I decided to read up on 1 Corinthians 14 today as well. Last Tuesday, I was over at Jake’s house after youth, and basically out of nowhere, the topic of speaking in tongues came up. They were all looking to me for answers, though, since I’m Pentecostal, but I really didn’t have many answers for them. I haven’t studied up on it enough to really form an educated opinion on it. So I read 1 Cor. 14 today, in both the New Living Translation – so I can get a rough understanding of what Paul is trying to say – and the New American Standard Bible – since it’s one of the most accurately translated versions – to get a clearer understanding.

I’m not going to get into a lot of detail, just because I’m no theologian, but Paul definitely marks it as a spiritual gift. He desired that the Corinthian church speak in tongues, but moreso he wanted them to prophesy – give a message from God to the church. In fact, he demotes speaking in tongues as one of the less important spiritual gifts. This puts the question in my mind as to why the Pentecostal church seems to place such a high emphasis on it, but I’m not even going…Continue Reading