The Skiing Saga

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Skiing today was amazing. Besides waking up at the unruly hour of 5:00 AM, the day was great. After getting our ski equipment and such, I went to the testing area and got my green sticker – which allows you to go on a couple really easy hills. Bas, Mark, and myself then went to the lesson in order to get our orange sticker, which was really boring, but the guy was funny, so that made up for it. After getting our orange, we could go on any slope in the park (besides the closed ones, of course).

At first I was a little shaky about going down the black diamond hills. Although two years ago when I went, I got my orange sticker, I never went down any orange hills, because all my friends only had their green. But this year was different. A bunch of us had our orange stickers, so we started tackling the harder hills. The first one we tried was crazy. There was this really steep part that was amazingly fast, and then it leveled out at the end as it merged with the green hills. The first few times I found it really hard and kept wiping out. However, Jonathan had a bright idea, though when he first mentioned it, it didn’t seem so bright. He said that he had wiped out the last time he had gone down the hill because he was carving back and forth (or whatever you call it). When he went straight down the steep part, it was much easier to keep your balance. I thought he was crazy, but then I tried it and it really worked. As long as you kept your weight really low, it was almost impossible to fall over unless you hit a giant bump. Jonathan and I started racing down the hills, going straight down the entire time. It was amazingly fun, and so fast. Jon went in and grabbed his camera and then we went up again. We skiied along side by side and then he took a few pictures of me in action. It was awesome. I hope they turn out. Jael also got a movie of us whizzing past her. Great times.

That’s all I really have to say, because I’m now dead tired. This is due to several factors, the first being the early hour at which I had to wake up. Another factor was the annoyance of everyone in the van on the way up. They didn’t let me sleep, because they were really loud and obnoxious. After all that was the tiring business of skiing, which although fun, leaves you exhausted in the end. Then of course I couldn’t sleep on the way back, because Zack kept caressing my head. It was really freaky, actually. At first I resisted, but he just kept doing it and I had no energy to keep pulling away. So there he sat, playing with my hair.

Speaking of hair, after I gave my equipment back near the end of the day and was sitting in the lounge, Lana got the bright idea to mess around with my hair. She’s had that urge before, but I’ve always avoided her. This time I was sitting in the chair, utterly exhausted, so I had no energy to resist her. She put my hair in a ponytail and took some pictures, and then started to braid it or something, but lost interest as Zack came in. She then started attacking him and put his hair in pigtails. I swear he looked like a very convincing girl.

All in all, the ski trip was awesome. I just dread going to school tomorrow, because I know I’m going to feel like crap in the morning. My lack of sleep will likely be compounded with a lack of sleep tonight. Then, of course, a regular school day will be added on top of that, so that I may not even make it to the end of the week. I think I’m either going to cry or die right now, and I’m not too picky about which one. Well, I guess I’ve never been a big fan of crying. Then again, I’ve never been a big fan of dying either. Maybe I’ll just die peacefully in my sleep – or lack of it – and go for the giant ski slopes in heaven, where you can ski all day and never get tired.

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