The Morning After

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Stiffness and soreness are the two words that best described today. Groans could be heard from all corners of the room all throughout the day as people struggled to get out of their desks or walk down the hallways. A muscle right near my knee joint started twitching halfway through the day, and Zac could barely move his neck, groaning in pain every time he laughed.

On top of stiffness, my neck also hurt because of my sore throat. I’m not sure whether I caught it from skiing or whether I caught my dad’s cold, or maybe a combination of both, but something in my neck was really aching all day. Maybe it was my tonsils? I really don’t know. When I woke up I could barely hear myself because my voice was below the human range of hearing. Everything just hurt.

There’s something to be said in favour of adrenaline. It gives an incredible rush, makes you more alert, and numbs pain all at the same time. Unfortunately, once it wears off, the pain comes back in full force for retaliation, and your alertness level becomes almost nonexistent. At least in roller coasters you don’t feel physical pain. Skiing is a different matter. Even if you never fall, your legs still ache afterwards from basically squatting most of the day. On the chairlifts, it felt so good to just stretch my legs out as far as I could. The skis on my feet made it a little hard with the extra weight, but it definitely got the kinks out of my legs during the day. Unfortunately, they’re back.

I’m not sure whether to attribute sports like skiing to man’s desire for exhilaration or man’s stupidity. It’s likely a combination of both. We’re willing to endure some pain for the next little while in order to get a big rush of adrenaline. Why? Who knows? It’s fun, that’s all I can say. It’s similar to that feeling that you get when you win something big – something you’ve wanted for a long time, thought you’d never get, and finally got. It’s that feeling that gives you the biggest grin on your face that you just can’t wipe off. That happened to me several times yesterday. I was bombing down a hill and I just started to think about how stupid I was going straight down a hill. If I hit a bump, I’d go flying – which I had already experienced before that day. Suddenly I got this giant grin on my face as I realized that I had no clue why I was going down that hill at who knows how fast a speed. I could only conclude that I was crazy, but that at least Jon was crazy right along with me. I started laughing on my way down the hill for no reason at all.

I can’t exactly compare this feeling to the feeling of getting high off drugs, because I’ve never been on them – not on illegal drugs anyway. I imagine it’s quite similar, though, except without the killing of the brain cells in the process. All I know is that the feeling feels great, and although it eventually fades, it’s enough to make a person want to do it again. It leaves just enough of a hint of itself behind to make you ache to want to do it again. Skiing is so fun.

There’s one thing that really makes me feel horrible though, besides the absence of that adrenaline. I’ve got a lot of homework to do tonight, including a big Law project that I left until the night before to do. It’s not huge, but the problem is that the case I have to research is. I haven’t even looked at it (although I know where to find it), but some people were saying that their case was like around 200 pages long or something. It’s going to be pretty bad reading through 200 pages of law mumbo-jumbo and trying to summarize what it says. Ugh. Oh well, if I don’t get it done tonight, I could always just fake sick tomorrow. I mean, my dad is home sick right now, so it wouldn’t be that far of a stretch to think that perhaps I caught what he had. It’s workable. I’ve convinced my parents that I was sick with less than that to work with before. But I suspect that I can get it all done if I put my mind to it. Too bad I think I left my mind somewhere back on the ski slopes. What a pity.

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