Shuffle to the Left, Shuffle to the Right

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There’s not much to say today. All my big news was yesterday. I’ve been fiddling around a bit with my mp3 player, and I think I’ve got it set up the way I want now. It’s working pretty well, and I know it will make it a lot easier for the ride home from school on the bus. It’ll be especially handy if I ever miss the transfer at the mall; then I can just walk home with music all the way there. It also won’t ever skip, which is great, because my discman was getting horrible with anti-skip. It used to work fine, but lately I’ve been having troubles with it skipping, especially on the bumpy bus rides. Even sometimes while walking, it would skip, which shouldn’t really happen.

But oh well. I’ve got my mp3 player now, so that won’t be happening anymore. I also have space for about three and a half CDs on there, which works out to roughly 50 tracks depending on the filesize of each track. The great thing that I found out is that I can put all my music in separate folders, but the shuffle feature can skip between all the folders or just inside one folder. So if I want to just hear one CD, I can limit it to one folder, whereas if I’m in an adventurous mood, I can make it shuffle between all the folders (wow, what an adventure!). It’s going to work great, let me tell you. I may just miss the bus on purpose so I can walk home and listen to my music – I’ve done it before.

As for anything else remotely interesting, there isn’t anything. I got up at 7:30 AM today and played down at the church, and I’ll also be playing down there again for youth tonight. We’re playing a bunch of the same songs again, which is really annoying, but it’s necessary I suppose. It’s hard to teach people new songs, so a couple new songs every week are all they can really handle at the most. I must admit that I’m not in the greatest of moods, since I don’t feel all that great. I’m still battling this cold or flu or whatever it is. It seems to be almost gone, but I still have a cough and a bit of a runny nose sometimes, as well as a headache that goes away and then decides to come back for old times’ sake. Add that to the already painful lack of sleep, and you’ve got Mr. Grumpy Jeff. But oh well. I’ve survived for 17 years in this life so far, and I’m not going to let insomnia and some stupid cold stop me. Although now that I just got the song “I Will Survive” in my head, I may not last much longer. I’ll ignore the loud cheering.

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