Happenings of National Concern

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Today was a day. Take a moment and reread the previous sentence to let its full profound meaning sink in. Not much happened. Tomorrow’s Good Friday. In English today, we wrote a letter to God, thanking Him for what He did during this time. I didn’t really feel like writing, but I definitely filled up the page on that one.

In other news, my sister’s home for Easter. Yesterday was her birthday, and I suspect that we’ll likely be going out for supper tonight to celebrate. Yay. I’m excited. (Caution: Extreme sarcasm in effect. Do not operate heavy machinery.) I was basically forced by my parents to buy her a present, so while I was out buying my mp3 player, I found the Bourne Supremacy DVD. I find it’s always easier to spend a little more money than you’d usually spend when you’re buying something expensive already. And at least it’s a DVD that I won’t mind watching – it’s an awesome movie.

That’s all I want to say. I’m not in the mood for writing right now. Bacon rocks. Over and out.

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