Good Friday

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Well, today is Good Friday. My family went over to New Covenant for the Good Friday service, and later on we’ll be going to the Tozers’ house for dinner. That should be pretty good. Anyways, I’m still not in too much of a talking mood, so that’s all I’ll say about that. Obviously I could go on and on about what Christ did for me, remembered on this day, but as I’ve written about it in school and thought about it many times, I really don’t feel like writing it out all over again. Needless to say, though, I’m thankful. Sometimes I wish I’d remember this sort of thing all year round, rather than only at Easter-time. It just doesn’t really seem real the rest of the time. ‘Tis a challenge, to be sure.

I’ve been playing a game I found online called Cybertrek for the past few days. It’s a puzzle game involving several different approaches to solving riddles. A lot of the puzzles are math-based, but which can only really be solved using a programming language of some sort. They provide a free demo of their SiMPLE codebase, but I didn’t feel like downloading and learning a new language just for a game. I’d much rather use PHP, a language which I already know and which functions very similarly anyway. But anyways, a lot of the riddles have to do with prime numbers and perfect squares, which makes for a challenge. So far I’ve been successful with those. Then there are mazes to go through. One of them was a museum. You click the left or right arrows and your view of the room changes. You’re basically looking for one picture in one of the rooms, so it’s a challenge. I’ve got the entire museum mapped out on a piece of paper. I’ve also mapped out an entire house, where you don’t even have a picture to go by – it’s like one of those really old computer games where it just describes the scene to you. Anyways, I find it pretty fun, so I’ll likely do some more of that today.

That’s about all I have to say. I’m still not feeling 100%, so I’ve been taking things easy for the past few days. Anyways, hear ye, hear ye, the Jeff has spoken.

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