Exploration of the Pickle Jar

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Boring day. Boring, boring, boring. It’s a very good thing that I have plans for tonight, because otherwise I might just have to sit at the kitchen table eating pickles all night just for something to do. I don’t know why I would eat pickles, but I suppose that after I ate everything else, pickles would be all that were left.

Stephanie called me back last night and we made plans to go see The Pacifier tonight. The only problem was that I thought I could get out of band practice, since no one had told me about it. When I told my parents about my plans, they said, “Oh, but you have band practice tomorrow.” It’s a real pity that they went and had dinner with Mrs. Haacke, the organist at our church, a few days ago. Apparently she knew all about this practice for Sunday morning and told my parents all about it, but they forgot to pass it on to me. The previous week they had been discussing having a practice on Wednesday, but nothing solid was ever decided. But apparently it was decided that it would be at 7:00. Considering that the movie starts at 7:20, I don’t think that’s enough time to do both. And when I tried to squeeze out of band practice, my parents reminded me of my “prior committment that I needed to follow through on.” Stupid committments. The only reason I committed was because Anita begged me, Kyle, and Jordan to play with her so she wouldn’t be up there alone with a piano and two back-up singers.

But anyways, with all that said, I suppose I’ll have to figure something out with Steph to either go see the later showing at 9:50 or go see it on another day. The only problem is that she’s working a ton this week, so it’d be hard to find that other day. Ahh well. I suppose I should call her after I post this.

You might be wondering why I just wrote all that. Basically the reason is that there is nothing else to write about. Not only is there nothing else in the world that I haven’t already covered in this blog, but also nothing has happened at all today. I’m forced to talk about plans. “Planning” is such a dirty word. It implies forethought, or just thought in general. It also requires motivation, something which I run short of frequently. I wish nobody had things to tie them down, so that anyone could just drop everything and leave to go do something whenever they wanted to. As I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon, though, perhaps I should stop thinking about that. It’s too painful thinking of what happiness that world would produce when I’m stuck in a world where you have to plan and think ahead in order to get anywhere.

I’ve always wanted to just take the car out and drive somewhere. Anywhere at all. It’d be so fun. Just take a few friends, plop them in a car, and drive. There would be no “destination,” just pick a direction and go, and see where it takes you. It’d be pretty awesome. Of course, here in the city, it wouldn’t be that great, but if you could just take a month or two off from life and go anywhere, it’d be so fun. Start driving west and only stop when you want to stop. Eventually you’d hit the Rocky Mountains (an awesome place), and of course you’d have to take your camera to get some nice pictures of all the places you’ve been. It’d be an adventure. Considering there isn’t an inch of land of this world that humans haven’t explored, it’s about as close as you can get to being the next Christopher Columbus. He just took a ship and sailed west, although his destination was India. Too bad he never made it, although he thought he did. All those Natives are now thanking him for that and their nickname of “Indian” they’ve had ever since. Columbus may have been confused, but at least he just took a ship and sailed. Sometimes I have troubles getting out of bed in the morning.

That’s my random paragraph for the day. Take it for what it’s worth – which is likely not much. At least I know it’s worth at least $0.02, although that’s Canadian, which is worth approximately $0.00 American. It could very well be in the negatives, actually, in which case I’d have to pay my American readers to read it. That’s pretty sad. Anyways, I’m done talking, so perhaps I’ll go eat some pickles or something now.

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