Crazy, Crazy Day

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Yesterday was a strange day, which is why there’s no entry for that day. I simply just didn’t have time. It all started by going to school, having one class in the morning, and then heading off to the basketball tournament.

We got to the place where the tournament was to be held and walked inside. The place was empty. None of the other teams were there. Something was definitely strange, and we sat there for a few minutes while Mr. G figured out what was going on. It turns out that we were a little bit early. Two days early, actually. The tournament had been rescheduled for Friday instead of Wednesday, and either no one told him or he forgot about the change. So in order to make the trip at least partially profitable, we practiced in the gym for a little bit and then played a game with the school that goes there. The girls didn’t really do anything since it was the guys playing against their guys’ team, but since Mr. Gillmore is partial to the guys in sports, that was to be expected.

We stopped in Cambridge on the way back for something to eat, and some of the guys (myself included) headed into Value Village to look around. Zac ended up buying this big green Hulk fist that you put on your hand, and when you punch something it makes noises like glass breaking or a big roar. It’s foam, and obviously only half of a pair, but it was the only one there. Wes also picked up this pair of glasses that are massive. They looked hilarious, because he looked like a gangsta grandma. It was definitely hilarious.

Once we got back to the school, I called my mom to get a ride home, and Jordan asked for a ride as well. We stopped off at his house and got his guitar and amp and then just brought him over to my house, since we were heading over to the church to practice for 5:00 anyways. The time after school is when I usually write my blog entry, but since he was over, we just listened to music and said wierd stuff to people on MSN until we had to leave. After getting to the church, we practiced for the upcoming talent show for youth on Friday, along with Kyle and Lawrence. We had to stop for the small group time that went on from 7:00-8:30, and then at 8:30 we went into the sanctuary to practice for the Sunday morning service. Since Pastor Lyndon will be away on March Break, he asked Anita to do worship, and she in turn asked us to help out. So we went over all the songs, which ended up going until about 10:00. Once I got home after dropping off Jordan, it was about 10:30, at which point I realized that I still had a small project to do for World Religions for the next day. That took about half an hour, and by 11:00 I just collapsed into bed. I hadn’t been feeling 100% to begin with (I think I caught the cold my mom’s had), and the busy day just made it worse.

So now today I’m trying to catch up on all the stuff I missed yesterday, and trying to recover as well. I started to sneeze, sniffle, and cough today, and my sore throat from yesterday just got worse. Things aren’t looking too good, because I think my nose is going to be dripping all over the court for the basketball tournament tomorrow. In that case, I’ll be dribbling in more ways than one – please excuse the bad pun. But anyways, that’s all I have to say, because I can’t think very well. I have course credits to figure out to get ready for my upcoming meeting with the North Park guidance counselor, and then as soon as possible, I’m going to bed. By “as soon as possible” I mean the soonest time that I can go to bed and know that I’ll get to sleep. But that’s another matter entirely, something which I’m just not going to get into at all. Goodbye.

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