Court Cases and Passover

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Well, another day, another blog. I promise I’ll keep this one short after my massive one yesterday. So, let’s see here, what happened today? Wow – a lot actually. So without further ado, I present to you March 31, 2005, from the perspective of yours truly.

Parenting class came first today, and an average class ensued. It was all fairly normal except for leaving about ten minutes early for Law class. We all hopped into Mr. Osborn’s van and went off to the Provincial Court for in this district. There we sat in for an hour or two of court cases. The horrible thing is that you’re not allowed to talk in the courtroom. I mean, people were still whispering, but you’re not supposed to. The first half an hour or so was just timetabling. They’d call someone forward and the defense aid would ask for a postponement for various reasons – for example, the person hadn’t gotten their form for legal aid or something. That part was pretty boring. Then the judge handling that left, there was a short recess, and then the real cases began.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, but basically someone got charged with drunk driving, and the big case was about a woman who slashed her common-law spouse on the neck with a knife. It was pretty crazy, but the defence’s argument appealed to the emotions – she had horribly low self-esteem due to her upbringing in a broken home and such. He mentioned several things that almost made me sick. I mean, here was a woman on her last straw, brought up as the product of two people who, combined, had thirteen other kids from their previous marriages, and all of who hated her and treated her like dirt. Her mother got sick and it was she who took care of her mother until her death, at which time all the other half-siblings blamed her for the death. Obviously aching for someone to love her, she got into a bad relationship with a guy who spent half of their relationship in jail, and at the very least was bordering on being considered an abusive spouse. She’s tried several times to take her own life, but was held back from doing so because she didn’t want to leave her daughter with no one to care for her. Then one day, she and her spouse got in an argument. He punched her across the face and then went to leave, so she ran after him and slashed his throat. That’s the story. All I can say is that I would hate to have to be the judge and make a decision on that. Here’s a woman on her last straw, and you have the power to pluck it away from her. If incarcerated, the judge was saying that she’d likely commit suicide, because she’d have nothing left to live for at all. I was shocked, and yet this is the sad reality of this world. It was horrible.

After getting back from the courtroom, we had about ten minutes for lunch and then had to get to English class, where we also had a normal class. After that was World Religions. Since we’re studying Judaism, Mr. G got a guy in to do a Passover Sader for us today. So that took up the entire class. He’s been in other years, so that wasn’t the first time for me, but it was still pretty cool.

I missed the 3:00 bus because it went a little late, so I caught the 3:30 bus. The bus I normally transfer onto at the mall was early, so I watched it pull away from the mall. I just waited on the bus I was on and got off at West St. and Dunsdon St. instead, then walked home from there. It was warm today, but really windy. I didn’t mind, though. As long as I have my music, I don’t mind walking home. Once I got home, there was a message from North Park on my answering machine. Apparently I now have to fill out a registration form. Ugh. It’s like they’re stalking me or something – they just don’t want to leave me alone. But oh well; after this, they should have everything they need.

That’s about all that happened today. I’m happy because I just finished the Purpose-Driven Life, which is a big accomplishment for me after not getting through it the first time. Next up is a Bible study book on Philippians and Colossians; it looks pretty interesting, so that should be good. Anyways, that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. See now, that wasn’t that long of a post, was it? Good job. Have a cookie.

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