Courses and Transcripts and Guidance, Oh My!

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Today is the day that I decided never to have children. The possibility that they would come out too much like some of the people I know is too much for me to bear. Actually, the possibility that they would come out too much like me is even scarier. I wouldn’t want to force that upon anyone, especially a little child. Then again, considering I managed to survive it (though with a few minor defects) brightens the prospect. Still, I think one Jeff Hughes is enough for any planet to bear. I’m one of the most insane people I know, and yet I can still retain some sanity through it all – a very difficult task, let me tell you. At times I’m very scary, and at other times I’m just completely zoned out, staring off into space until someone screams in my face.

And now this crazy guy just might end up going to North Park next year. Considering I missed the deadline for applying to universities, it’s a very likely possibility. I’m planning to work for a year and take a couple courses at North Park and then get into university next year – making sure, of course, to apply nice and early. So far, besides my family, I’ve only told one person about it. Last night Kim from Quizno’s called me from work and we talked for a good fifteen or twenty minutes, partly about the possibility of going to North Park. Since she goes there, she was ecstatic. The reason she had called in the first place was to get me to go visit her the next time she worked, because she misses me. She was going on about how we could hang out and be the cool kids in the school. It’ll be pretty fun I think, although quite a change coming from a school of 22 kids.

Anyways, my dad picked me up after school today and drove me over to North Park, where we talked with a guidance counselor about the appropriate courses and basically she told me that I needed a copy of my transcript before she could really help me. It makes sense, but while saying that she also managed to get the message across that she thought I was stupid. She was talking down to me like she knew all the answers, telling me that she would need to check to see if our school courses could be transferred to North Park. I just wanted to say (with my voice dripping with sarcasm, of course), “Well considering none of the other students that have graduated seemed to have a problem with that, maybe you should just assume for right now that they do transfer and help me out here.” Basically all she did was give me the Ventures booklet that shows all the available courses along with another booklet showing the prerequisites required for all the universities in Ontario in the respective field. The rest of what she said just didn’t concern me, because all she told me was that I needed to give her a transcript – something I already knew. It was just annoying, like she was the goddess of guidance and I was a mere speck, unworthy of her time.

But anyways, now my next step is to talk to Mr. G and get a transcript, which I’ll likely never get anytime soon, considering he still hasn’t even marked all of the exams or finished our report cards yet. Considering that he teaches about 7 or 8 subjects, that’s understandable, but you’d think he’d allow someone else to teach some of those subjects. Last year, Mr. Vanderveen asked him if he could teach one of the Grade 11-12 subjects, and Mr. G said no. Why? Who knows? Maybe he’s addicted to stress and pressure or something. But anyways, now I have to go and add some more pressure to him to get my transcript for me. I’m really not sure how much work it is to do that, but I’m thinking it might take some work since we’re not done our subjects for the year. Whatever. I don’t have too much sympathy for a guy that puts that pressure on himself. He just likes to be in control of everything, which can be good and bad depending on the circumstances.

I’m done talking now. You can leave the site if you wish. If not, leave a comment. Or maybe a box of chocolates at my front door. Just make sure to mark “Jeff” on it clearly, so my parents don’t think it’s for them.

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