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If there’s one thing that 90% of the people in the world like, it has to be comics. I’m a big fan of comics, but I’m a little bit picky when it comes to reading them. Our local paper is pretty good, having comics every day, and three pages worth on Saturdays, but most of those aren’t the greatest comics. I have to say that one the worst comics I’ve ever read is For Better or For Worse. It’s definitely on the “for worse” end of the scale. Approximately one out of four or five strips is funny, and the rest expand on the big story leading up to the joke. It’s more of a soap opera or a comic book than anything else, but a comic book split up over five or six days.

But enough about horrible comics. There’s just too many out there to talk about all of them. I don’t usually read the comics in the paper too much anymore. I’m more into the online comics now. Right now I have three bookmarked that I check daily. One of these is Dilbert. Dilbert has to be one of the funniest comics out there. It’s got the aspect of sarcasm in there, packaged up in the most odd locations. The situations are usually so subtle and ordinary, and yet the sarcasm added in just makes it hilarious. I can’t describe it much more because of my lack of vocabulary, but let’s just say that sarcasm has got to be one of the best forms of humour. It takes skill to do it right, though. Dilbert does it perfectly. The site’s updated daily, and provides you with a daily fix of caffeine and pocket protectors.

Next on the list of my comics is Men In Hats. It’s another one of those sarcastic comics combined with completely random situations. In every single strip, the characters are walking through a desert. However, so much happens in that desert that just comes out of nowhere, that it’s completely and absurdly funny. It really requires you to get to know the characters, though, to know why they’re acting like they’re acting. I like Aram the best, though. He’s the one dressed in black that always goes around insulting and sadistically inflicting pain on everyone. He’ll just randomly throw scorpions in someone’s eye, and then nothing ever happens. You’d think that the rest of the characters would beat him up or avoid him or something, but they just continue talking with him like nothing ever happened. It’s hilarious. Second on my list of favourite characters is Beriah, the guy dressed in the bellhop uniform. He has absolutely no clue what’s going on at any time, and is an utter moron, to put it nicely. Anyways, this comic is updated whenever the comic dude decides to update it. I really wish it was more regular, but hey – the good things in life cannot be rushed.

The third comic I read daily is Sinfest. Despite the suggestive title, this comic is pretty cool. I don’t always find it as funny as the aforementioned comics, but when I started reading this one, it just kind of grew on me. It’s got Slick, the wanna-be pimp that thinks he can get all the ladies, and really never does. It’s got Monique, the hot chick that has the personality conflict between knowing she’s hot and flaunting it, and just wanting to be normal. Once I found this comic, I started reading it from the very first comic, straight through to the end. It’s got some funny jokes in it, but what I really liked about it was when it made me think. It’s got more of a satirical nature, where it makes you laugh at something and say to yourself, “Hey, that’s a good point.” Some of the comics aren’t funny, but they’re still good because they make you go, “Hmm.” Awesome comic.

I’m always on the lookout for good comics to read, especially the ones online. I’ve seen some good ones that made me laugh, but they just didn’t stick with me. It was more of a “here’s a joke, now laugh” sort of funny, rather than a “here’s a subtle situation, where if you’re smart, you’ll get it” sort of funny. The second kind is what I look for. I want to laugh at something that some people probably wouldn’t get. Those kinds of comics are the best. Too bad I can’t put it into words well enough.

Now, before I go, I’m just going to copy and paste in a bunch of quotes I read from the Dilbert weekly newsletter thing. I thought they were hilarious, and since there doesn’t seem to be any sort of archive of them, I figure I should capture them before they disappear.

“I don’t want anybody stepping on anybody else’s thunder.”

“You can’t pull the sheep over my eyes!”

“I’m thinking in my brain.”

“What is that disease where if someone loses a lot of blood they just die?”

“Clean as a baby’s bottom.”

“I don’t mean to take the steam out of your sails, but…”

“She has not seen one red dime from him.”

“I used to be as sharp as a button.”

“That’ll put the monkey in your court.”

“We don’t want this project to snowball into a can of worms.”

“… up the creek in a hand bag.”

“It’s best not to open that can of wax.”

“Let’s pair up into threes.”

“I just thought myself into a corner.”

“We really need to hang on to our coattails to ride the waves of change.”

“That way I can kill two bricks with one stone.”

Beautful. Hilarious. And if you didn’t get those, you just plain suck.

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