Car Rides, Movies, and Nose-Blowing

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Wow, what a night it was last night, and what a day it was today. I wouldn’t say it was crazy, but it was definitely getting up there. Last night after youth, people decided to go over to Nathan’s house. Don’t worry – he and his parents were fine with it, we made sure of that first. So since I had my car there, I had to get directions to his house and drive Jordan, Bethany, Angelie, and Anita to the house. That was crazy, let me tell you. That is the most people I’ve ever driven around at once. I mean, it really doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve never done it before. The most I’ve ever driven around (besides family) is two people, so to have a full car was something new. This whole driving my friends around is completely new to me. I mean, it only started about a week or two ago when Vince and I went to a movie and my dad actually let me pick him up and drive him. Before then I was never allowed to drive anyone else in the car (although I must admit that I did anyways sometimes).

So that was interesting. I remember getting out of the car after I parked (first time parallel parking since my G2 road test, although I just basically pulled up behind a car, so it wasn’t too hard) and thinking, “Wow. This is awesome! I love driving my friends around!” We went inside and watched The Incredibles on DVD. It was a great movie. I mean, I’ve never really been that big on the whole animated movie deal; I think the only ones I ever really enjoyed were Toy Story (since I was younger back when it came out) and Shrek. After that, I just decided I was a bit too old to fully enjoy them. When Finding Nemo came out, I decided that I hated it, simply because I was dragged to go see it by my family since my sister said it was good. (I really enjoyed it actually, but don’t tell anyone!)

But I must say that I was impressed by The Incredibles. I mean, it still had the same outrageous storyline that all the others have, except this actually had a good plot. I suppose I liked it more because it involved people instead of toys or bugs or fish or ogres like all the other movies. And although these people are far from normal, they still had human form and human characteristics. I definitely liked it a lot more than some of the other animated movies, though I will still continue to be skeptical for all future animated movies that come out. There’s just too much that can go wrong when you can do anything you want in a movie. I mean, back in the days of movies when you had limited special effects, movies were required to have a good plot to it in order to get people to go see it. I mean, when you look at something like the original three Star Wars movies, they had state-of-the-art graphics and special effects for their day and age, but the focus was still on the plot. I’m sure people would still have gone to see it just for the special effects, just because they were new, but nowadays people would be horribly bored with the movie if there was no plot to it. We’ve seen much better special effects, so that’s not going to draw us to the movie.

Hollywood movies have slowly been sliding downhill in their quality. People put some random special effects and animations in a sequence and call it a movie. I remember when The Day After Tomorrow came out, I never went to see it because people were saying that it had no plot to it, even though the special effects were awesome. I mean, I can see special effects anytime I want. I might be impressed by that, but I’d rather see a movie with no special effects and a good plot than one that tries to grab my money from my pocket with its dazzling light show. When you can do anything you want in a movie, the only thing that can actually make a good movie now is the storyline. Look at the Matrix trilogy. Although they had magnificent special effects, the thing that held it together was the plot running throughout all three movies. People went to the movie to find out what all the buzz about this “movie that made you think” was. Then you go to some other movie that tries to say, “Look at all these flashing lights! Now give us money!” It’s just not the same. And the only reason we still give them the money anyways is because there’s no better movie out there to see instead.

Anyways, after all that rambling, I’ll get back to my night yesterday. About halfway through The Incredibles, I just wanted to go home. I mean, I wanted to see the rest of the movie, but I also wanted to just fall into bed. I debated just saying I needed to get home and leaving, but I also remembered that I had to give Angelie, Jordan, and Bethany a ride home, so I decided to stick it out and stay for the rest of the movie. After the movie was over, at about 11:30 PM or so, I was basically up in a flash, though. I just wanted to get home. I’ve been so tired lately, and having to get up at 7:00 AM the next day wasn’t appealing to me at all. I dropped Angelie off and then basically sped all the way to the Tozers’ house to drop them off. At one point I think I was going about 85 or 90 kph on a 60 kph road. I finally got to their house after what seemed like hours (but wasn’t in reality since I had been going so fast) and dropped off the Tozers. I sped home and just dropped into bed. By that time it was about 12:00, and my body decided that it would stay awake though my eyes couldn’t stay open. I finally got to sleep at probably about 12:30.

And then the radio clicked on. 7:00 AM had rolled around, and it felt like it went by in a matter of seconds. I didn’t particularly enjoy getting out of bed, but I managed to force myself out and get ready. School was back on, and it was back with a vengeance. Well, not really, but it sounded good. The day just kind of went by and I don’t remember much about it, but I don’t think we really did much anyway. Mr. G wasn’t feeling good and kept blowing his nose every 30 seconds, which kept me from falling asleep in his classes. It was like an alarm clock, but involving someone’s nose instead. Somehow I think that will someday turn into an invention – an alarm clock that makes the sound of someone blowing their nose. It probably already exists over in Japan somewhere. I swear they have the strangest things over there.

That was my day. I rode home on the bus rocking to my music on my new mp3 player, and then got home and called North Park to set up a meeting with the guidance counselor. I got put on hold a couple of times and transferred back and forth, and then found out I needed to talk to the Vice Principal first, who wasn’t in at the time. So now I have to wait for a phone call tomorrow from him in order to talk about something – I’m not quite sure what, though. I suppose we’ll see tomorrow. But yeah, that was my day, and now I’d just like to inject myself with NyQuil and sleep for a week. Yeah, that sounds like an amazing idea.

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