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Today was pretty good. While nothing really interesting happened, nothing bad happened either, so it was tolerable. On Jeff’s Day-o-Meter, it would get a 6 out of 10. But considering that the Day-o-Meter doesn’t exist, I’m not quite sure what that means.

Last night I was talking to Lana on MSN and she was telling me that we had a Biology test on Unit 2 the next day (today). While I knew that it was coming up, it had originally been scheduled for the Friday before March Break. When we had to go back to the basketball tournament the second time, it got postponed, and no one knew when it was postponed until. So Lana asked Mrs. Houtman yesterday right after school and apparently the test was happening tomorrow. Needless to say, none of the Grade 12s were very happy, but considering it got pushed off for an entire week, we really had nothing to complain about other than the fact that we didn’t have a definitive date for when it was to take place.

Anyways, Lana then proceeded to tell me that she knew almost nothing about what we had been talking about for the past three months in Biology. The first thing I asked was, “Well then why weren’t you asking questions during all those classes? Why leave it until the day before the exam?” Anyways, she got on her knees and begged me to help her – maybe not quite that drastic, since I don’t know whether she was on her knees since she was on MSN, but still. I put up a few excuses, but none really held any weight whatsoever. I hate not having an excuse to get out of something that you really don’t want to do. I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to help out one of my friends or anything, but studying for a Biology test that I could ace without studying for isn’t high on my list of enjoyable things to do (well, it wouldn’t be if that list existed).

So she came over to my house and for about an hour I explained everything in Unit 2 – basically everything anyone could ever possibly want to know about DNA and genetic biotechnological techniques and advances. I suppose it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, although I was getting frustrated at not being able to find the right words to explain something. For a lot of the processes, I was just pointing at the diagrams and making funny noises with lots of hand motions to try and explain my point. However, I think I adequately explained everything that was on the test today, except possibly for PCR (I don’t remember what it stands for; I think CR stands for Chain Reaction). However, there was a choice between explaining the steps of PCR and explaining the steps of RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism), so that was fine. Lana was done the test soon after I was, so it looks like I’m safe from one of those “I hate you! You totally screwed me up for the test!” lines. Phew!

I called North Park again today after I got a message on the answering machine from the Vice Principal. I was going to call him anyways if I didn’t have a message, but when I called the first time, nobody picked it up. I think it rang about 10 or 12 times before I finally gave up. I tried again a few minutes later and the secretary picked up, but the VP was in a meeting of some sort. So I left a message for him again, and hopefully we can connect instead of playing phone tag. It’s getting really annoying. I just want this thing to be over with.

I still need to get a transcript from Mr. G, but it’s a slim chance that I’ll ever get it anytime soon – although he’s done report cards now, so he might be able to find a chance to get it done. After that, it’s just a “simple” matter of enrolling in North Park for 3 or 4 courses next year. Apparently I first have to talk to the VP, though, which is where this phone tag comes in. After that, I should be able to set up an appointment with a guidance counselor, then pick out my courses, and I should be all set. That’s the plan anyways. I have a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it’s not going to go as planned, and I’m not sure why except that not much ever goes as planned, especially when dealing with me. I’ve been praying that God will just open the right doors for me. I’m not going to sit there and play phone tag with God, trying to get Him to show me His will. I read a book a while ago about decision making according to God’s will, and basically it said that, while it’s important to seek after God’s will, He’s not likely going to suddenly write what He wants you to do in the sky or change your Bible to include His will for your life somewhere in one of the books. God works everything for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28), and therefore the question is not what God’s will is for our lives, but rather how can we make a rational, logical decision in line with God’s will. Whatever we choose, though, God will work it for good.

In the book, it mentioned the story in Acts 6 about the apostles choosing seven people to look after the distribution of food to the widows in the church. They recognized that this was not their duty, because they were in the place they needed to be; however, they still handled the problem by finding people who could commit their time to the task. But notice that they don’t sit around and pray, “God, show us who you want to be in this group. Put thumbtacks on their chairs so they will stand up or something.” No, instead they make a logical decision about who should fulfill this role. They chose godly men full of the Spirit and full of wisdom, and then after they were chosen, the Bible says they “prayed and laid their hands on them,” praying for God to bless their choice. I don’t doubt for a second that they prayed beforehand as well. But the point is that they didn’t just sit around and wait for God to show them what to do. They acted in faith and then asked God to bless their actions. And you know what? He did.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do. I’ve prayed for God to help guide my thoughts and decision-making process, and then I chose what I should do based on my the interests and abilities I have, then chose a course of action that would best facilitate those abilities. I’ve decided to go to North Park for some extra courses to help me do so, and now I’ve just been praying for God to bless that choice. I’ve said, “God, this is what I’m going to do. If You want me to do that, keep the door wide open. If not, shut it with a bang loud enough that I notice it, and then show me the door You want me to walk through. But for now, I’m going to walk through this door and trust that You will bless that action.” That’s the best I can explain it – I think best in metaphors, I suppose.

And now that action that I’ve chosen involves a great degree of inaction. I’m waiting for the action of others in order to make my next move. If I may be allowed to use another metaphor, I suppose that right now I’m playing a chess game. I’ve made my move, and now I’m waiting for the other players (like the Vice Principal of North Park, and Mr. G) to make their moves before I make my next move based on their actions. Let me tell you: I hate waiting. So a second thing I’ve been praying for is patience; I’m going to be needing it. Right now I’m quite frustrated because I’ve been trying to move forward with the whole process, and time is in my way – I call North Park once I get home from school, but the VP is out. Then he calls me after I leave for school, and I call him back when he is out once again. It’s frustrating playing this waiting game, and yet it’s the only thing I can do. I’m too far in to back out now, and so the only thing to do is wait. Yes, I think I’m really going to need patience, and lots of it. “God, give me patience, and give it to me right now.”

Well, the above paragraph was going to be the final paragraph, but as I finished typing the last words, the phone rang – the Vice Principal was on the other end of the line. Apparently they don’t handle new student enrollment until late June and August. I’m supposed to call back then to set up an appointment and interview. My patience just got a lot more strained.

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