Valentine’s Day

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Here I am once again for my standard daily blog entry. I suppose I should discuss the topic of Valentine’s Day since that’s what today is. But first I’ll just run through the day quickly since it was sort of a strange day.

I got to school this morning and Mr. G’s radio was on. No one else was in the room, which isn’t too strange since I’m usually one of the first people there, but the radio announcer was listing off all the school cancellations for the day. I suddenly had the thought that I hadn’t even thought to check whether school was cancelled, so I started listening. Mr. Gillmore came into the room a minute or two later and started talking about all the wimpy schools that close at the first sign of bad weather, so I knew that school was still on. Anyways, I sat there in the room alone for about 15 or 20 minutes before anyone else got there. It was looking pretty pathetic with about three or four people in total just before school started for the day. When it finally did start, we had nine people. Yes, nine people in total for all four grades. That’s even more pathetic than our school is normally, with twenty-two.

Bethany Stewart brought in oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, which were delicious and just made my Valentine’s Day that much better. Bethany and Jordan showed up at lunch, bringing the grand total to eleven people for the day. Mark also brought in chocolate chip cookies which were also awesome – people that can bake and cook rock. I think I ate about five or six cookies, since of course they baked enough for the entire school and only half of the people were there.

So anyways, in English class we had to write about our ultimate Valentine. It could be the ultimate day, or the ultimate person, or whatever we wanted to talk about. I basically got off track and onto a little bunny trail that discussed the significance of Valentine’s Day. The basic thing that I said was that I’d rather get a sincere “I love you” any other day of the year than a fake one on Valentine’s Day along with chocolate and flowers. It’s mostly just a way for guys to get women to shut up for a while, and for women to hold something against a guy if he forgets. It’s pretty sad really that people use love as a tool to get money and presents out of people.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say. Apparently my mom is making a special supper tonight, so that should be cool, if not a little awkward. But whatever. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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