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Today was a pretty normal day. I had Math, Accounting, Biology, and Phys. Ed. So I’m thinking that since nothing really happened today, I’m going to get into some other topic. But we’ll see where I go today in this entry, since I really have no idea myself.

Since Math was first class, I went into the room and sat down. There was no one else there yet. Lana never showed up today and I’m not sure what was up with that, but Jon got there a few minutes late. It was looking pretty scary with Mr. Candler just having one person to teach. I was definitely worried. After all, nobody likes it when a teacher just talks straight to them about something – unless of course they’re ready for it, like with a tutor or something. But anyways, Jon eventually showed up after a few minutes and saved the day.

In Accounting class, we’re in the process of getting new textbooks. For the first half of the year, we’ve been getting the later chapters of last year’s textbook photocopied for us. We never got through the whole book last year, so we were just continuing on there. But there are some new textbooks coming in now, and they’re quite different. We started into one of the chapters and I was completely lost. Well, okay, I wasn’t completely lost, but they brought in some words that I had never heard of and talked about them as if they had explained them previously – which they probably had. It’s definitely going to be challenging to switch from one textbook style to another in the middle of the year. But oh well. We were learning about bonds, those pieces of paper that signify a business getting money lent to it and promising to pay it back with interest. It sounds about as interesting as watching grass grow, but I suppose accountants get excited about that sort of thing. Oh well.

Biology was pretty much the same as always. We got our exam back, and I got 124 out of 125 – definitely not too bad. It was basically due to the fact that she had to change a whole bunch of stuff around because she discovered she had been too mean. I sat there wondering why she wouldn’t have figured that out in the first place, but oh well. I suppose some teachers just like revising their entire marking scheme for no reason at all. I don’t really care. I got an awesome mark because of it. As well, it turns out she marked one thing wrong, so I ended up getting another mark to make a nice even 125 out of 125 – that’s 100% for those who failed math. I was quite pleased with that. I’ve also gotten my Law exam and my Math exam back, for which I don’t remember the exact marks. They were both really good marks, that’s all I remember. I think the Math exam was around 93% or something, and the Law exam wouldn’t have been too far away from that either. I’ve been quite pleased with my exams so far.

For the final class of the day, Phys. Ed., we went over to the racquetball club again and played there. It was pretty good. I didn’t win this time like I did last time, but I got a few good plays in and messed up less. I somehow managed to scrape up my arm, but it was an improvement from the scrapes on my knees from last time. I still don’t know how I managed to get rugburns from a hardwood floor, but that’s what they feel like. Oh well, at least it’s better than the big bump on my head that I have from hitting it on a shelf at retreat. There are these bleachers outside of the racquetball courts, and I sat down on the seat in front of Stephanie – in other words, she was above me. She then took her racquet and absent-mindedly started bouncing it off my head. It really hurt, and I blamed her for the bump of course. There’s nothing more fulfilling than blaming someone for something you know they didn’t do. But whatever.

I suppose that’s all I have to say. I thought I might go off on a tangent today, but I don’t really feel like writing anymore – not today anyway. I suppose I’ll just get into playing a game or something and forget all about doing my homework, although I have a presentation to get ready for tomorrow. Meh.

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