The Day I Quit Being Hot (Is the Day I Die)

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Exams are finally over! Four days of intense craziness and hand cramps are finally over! It may take a week of massages to cure my shoulder strain, but I think I can handle that – as long as the masseuse is an attractive female, of course, but that’s implied.

So anyways, today’s exams were even easier than I expected. Accounting was first up, which I finished in an hour. I then had to wait for half an hour to get out, since we have to be there for an hour and a half of the two hours we have. During that half hour, I started playing around with my graphing calculator, making a picture of a dude with all the funny little symbols and stuff that I could find. Then I slept for about ten minutes.

After lunch came my Calculus exam, which was just as simple. I think I might have screwed up one or two of the questions, but considering Mr. Candler’s an easy marker, I’ll likely get some marks for them anyways. I finished that exam up in about an hour and ten minutes, and was pretty confident with most of my answers. For the rest I gave it my best shot and I knew that staring at it any longer wasn’t going to help. So I set the exam aside and inwardly celebrated that exams were finally over. That exam was the “last kick at the cat” as Mr. Candler so gently put it.

After I finished the Math exam, I just sat in the other room. I was too tired, and although I could have caught the 2:05 bus, I just didn’t want to make the effort. So I talked to Zac and got a pen lid fired at my face by John Dentin. He’s like, “Does this hurt?” and then fires it at my face. I just sat there, motionless, and said, “Yep.” I was too tired to move. So then, after everyone had finished up their exams, I decided I’d go over to Tim Horton’s and get a coffee. It was a choice between catching the 2:35 bus and then falling asleep or getting my caffeine fix and catching the 3:05 bus. I chose the latter option. I asked the massive horde of about 10 people in my class if anyone wanted to come to Timmy’s with me. Lana told Steph that she should go, and that she did. That’s because Stephanie is an indecisive person and lets her life be ruled by Lana – but you didn’t hear that me, considering it’s really not true at all. Anyways, we walked down there and I got a Cafe Mocha – half coffee and half hot chocolate mixed together in sugary goodness, along with whip cream and chocolate sprinkles on top – and Steph got a cup of apple cider and a chocolate mint donut. That’s probably the most disgusting combination I could think of. I mean, apple and mint? But whatever. I didn’t mind her coming, since it gave me someone to make fun of during the trip over.

So I caught the bus and came home and clipped my fingernails since I noticed they were getting long. That was really the highlight of the day – not. I just thought I’d share it with all you faithful readers, as well as the unfaithful ones too. It’s a very important detail, since you can now be sure that I am typing this entry with fingers that have freshly clipped nails. Mmm, that reminded me of food for some reason, although many things seem to do that.

Speaking of food (actually, this is just a lame attempt at a good transition onto another subject), Bethany told me of an “embarrassing” situation she had at work last night or something. She was on cash and this “cute” guy came up and paid for his drugs or something. She took his money and then dropped a whole bunch of it on the floor. She then said “Oopsies” and picked it up. Apparently that’s embarrassing because cute guys are very critical of girls that drop your money. Okay, well then she went on to explain that it was wierd, because most girls would likely swear, and she said “Oopsies.”

I must now get into one of my deep discussions about the female mind (although it’s not that deep considering it’s about the female mind – whatever). There’s two reactions that a guy feels for girls – they either like them or they don’t. I won’t get into all the subtleties about “Well, I like her but she’s too ____” because that just doesn’t matter. The fact is, attraction for guys is either on or off. And although rumour has it that guys are all about the looks, the truth is that we can be attracted by personality as well. The reason most girls don’t realize that is because guys likely just won’t talk to an ugly girl long enough to get to know her personality.

Anyways, I say all this because that guy most likely didn’t care one bit about what my cousin said. If he thought she was hot, at the very most he’d likely just chuckle at what she said. If he didn’t think she was hot, then she was just a cashier, and he gave her his money to buy his stuff, not caring one bit what she said. It’s just the way things are. And I don’t think it just applies to guys either. People just have a tendency to associate a cashier with the business since, after all, they work there. It’s like when I first got my job at Quizno’s. I was afraid that some freak would come into the store and make a fool of himself and I’d end up laughing in his face. But it really didn’t work that way. To me, he would just be a customer, and if I did something stupid, I’d just be the “guy at Quizno’s that did something stupid.” It’s very rare that people try to get to know their cashiers unless they a) think the person’s hot, or b) go there often and therefore see the person a lot.

I guess this just goes to prove that my cousin is pretty ditzy. She used to have blonde hair – artificially anyway – but I suppose once you become a blonde, you’re always a blonde. It just seeps into your brain somehow. She also thinks that people are always thinking about her, when in reality most people could care less. Meh. I think that’s my “deep thought” for the day, and it really wasn’t that deep.

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