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It’s definitely been interesting at work the last couple of days. Last night it was horribly dead, plus we had 5 people for most of the night since there’s a girl named Brittney who’s in training. There’s not much to say about last night except that I was really hyper for no reason and so I came up with a great idea for a horror story. Instead of an axe murderer, this movie would have a sadistic guy with a plunger, who would tie down his victims, then put the plunger over their nose and mouth and just suck all the air right out of them.

Okay, so it’s not that great of an idea. But it came to mind when I saw the plunger at work. Whatever. Anyways, today I worked 10:30-5, a killer shift. It’s the longest shift we normally have. Anyways, it was really dead until about 1:30, when suddenly people just started coming into the store in a steady stream. Since Brittney was there again today, she needed to learn how to make subs. She and Elliott made the subs, and then I caught them at the other end and cashed the customers in. It was crazy, because Elliott was just firing the subs through at a crazy pace, and I could barely keep up. It was on the brink of being manageable. That went on for about 45 minutes, and then it finally died down. I was quite relieved. After that, it suddenly went completely dead for the rest of the time, and Elliott and I just sat there for a couple hours because we were both exhausted.

So anyways, that’s been my day so far, and now I’m too tired to do anything tonight. I’ll likely just sit down here at the computer because I just plain don’t feel like moving. I’m not even hungry. I drank about three cups of root beer today, and I had to go to the washroom two or three times. That likely wasn’t a good move, but I was thirsty. So I really don’t care. I could just sit here forever and never get up. I wish…

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