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Over the past few days, I’ve been reading The Purpose-Driven Life. While much of the hype in the Christian circles about this book has died down, I’ve never actually read the entire book. Last year, Bethany started up a lunch-time group to read through the book. What would happen was that once a week, we would get together and talk about the chapter we had read.

There were two problems with this plan that showed up part-way through the year. The first problem was that the book was meant to be read a chapter per day. There are forty chapters in the book, and I’m not even sure if we could have gotten through all forty in the school year by going once a week. Involved in this was the fact that New Life, the church Bethany and I attend, was doing the book at the same time (which is how she got the idea), and they were doing a chapter per day.

The second problem was that there was no strong leadership within the group. It was sort of unorganized, and although Bethany started up the group, somehow she expected everyone to just keep on doing it with no leadership at all. Halfway through lunchtime, someone would ask Bethany if we were doing it that day, and she’d start thinking and say, “No, I’ve got a lot of homework to finish up before class. We’ll do it tomorrow.” Of course, since tomorrow never comes, everything just sort of fell apart. Although she made up a schedule of people leading the discussion for each week, no one seemed to know when their week was. I mean, it was a great idea, but it just didn’t work out.

So anyways, I read the first fourteen or fifteen chapters before the book got forgotten at the back of my locker. At the end of the year, I took it home and told myself that I’d get around to reading it after I finished my Bible reading plan. But of course, during the summer I got off my routine, and so I only just finished the plan about four days ago. So here I am now, reading chapter four of a book I’ve already half-read and highlighted, and trying to relearn what I found before. It’s definitely a challenge. What helps, though, is that it’s a good book. I just still wish that the group time had worked out, because it was really great when it lasted. We had some great discussions and I learned a lot from the others that I might not have picked up from the book.

Today was an interesting day. I’d call it sort of hectic, except I was too tired to really notice. Math was pretty easy; we were just doing review in preparation for an upcoming test. Next was Accounting, in which Mr. G continued to explain something I already understood. That was jsut annoying. Biology came next. We were supposed to go to the library in Biology today to research stuff about bovine somatotropin, a growth hormone that’s apparently caused a lot of controversy. But, as luck would have it, Mrs. Houtman’s car broke down or some such problem, and so she couldn’t make it in. So we had a class to ourselves, in which we did a little work that she had phoned in to Mr. G for us to do, and the rest of the time we talked. The other part of this class was that Mrs. Houtman was supposed to take us out to lunch somewhere, so none of us brought lunches – just money. So, after Biology, all four Grade 12s went to Tim Horton’s for lunch – there were three periods before lunchtime because it was a chapel day and Mr. G likes to screw around with the schedule on chapel days.

At Timmy’s, I bought a Turkey Bacon Club sandwich. It was pretty disgusting. There was honey mustard on it, which completely ruined the entire taste. I must say, I’m really not liking the Tim Horton’s sandwiches I’ve had – the only one I could stand was the BLT, and even that wasn’t that great. Every time I go there, I compare it to Quizno’s. I tried their Ham and Swiss, which wasn’t too bad, but they used ranch dressing on it, whereas at Quizno’s we use honey mustard – it tastes awesome on the Ham and Swiss. I just wish I still got a discount at Quizno’s. Now all I have to do is taste the toasted Subway subs (I’ve tried Subway subs, just not toasted) and the McDonald’s sandwiches. I’ve become a sub critic after working at Quizno’s; I now have very picky tastes when it comes to subs.

So anyways, we all got our stuff and walked back, and ended up having 10 minutes to eat. I’ve never been a quick eater, and I only ended up eating half of my sandwich. That’s okay though, because it was disgusting anyways. I ended up giving the rest of it to Bethany after school – after eating the bacon off it. So after lunch came Health – what a way to make you feel guilty after eating unhealthily. After Health was chapel, in which Word of Life Bible Institute came and sang a capella to us. There are few things in life more uncomfortable for a guy than having to sit and listen to five guys singing to you. One of the things more uncomfortable would probably be singing in that group, but anyways. They were good singers nonetheless, but they ended up going overtime and making me miss my bus (so what else is new?).

So that was my day. I caught the next bus, got home, etc. etc. I have nothing more to say, nor do I have any profound saying to put here. Well, I suppose I could say what I thought up when I got home from school. I’m not sure why it popped into my head, but it did. “The end never justifies the means because ends are always just another means to another end.” Take that for what it’s worth; it’s another one of those out-of-nowhere sayings from the mind of Jeff. Ciao!

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