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The only interesting thing that happened at school today was the playing of basketball in Gym class. We had a combined Phys. Ed period with the Grade 9 and 10s, and we just went over the basics of defense and offense. Oh, the other exciting thing at school was the fact that Mr. Gillmore talked about the incoming storm and that tomorrow might be a snow day. That would just really make my day.

Today was the second day of using my new prayer journal. I’m not quite sure at what time I want to do it each day, considering it sometimes takes a little bit longer. I normally read my Bible right after I get home from school, and so I’m going to try doing the prayer journal at the same time just to see if that works. The other time I could do it would be right before I go to bed. That would work as well, but it kind of divides up reading the Bible and prayer, which kind of go hand in hand. But anyways, I’ll try it after school and see how that goes.

I suppose I’ll just explain a bit how I’m doing this journal thing, and that’ll be it (yeah, today’s a short one!). Basically, I’m going to use one page per day, with the date written at the top, and then the page divided up top and bottom into two halves. The top half has a list of things to thank God for, and the bottom half has a list of requests. Some of the stuff will be repeated over several days, and when a prayer is answered, of course, it will move from the request list to the thanksgiving list – unless of course I’m not thankful for the answering of it, in which case I’ll have to add a request telling God to smack me upside the head. After writing everything down, I basically just go through the entire thing, praying for each item in turn. The reason I write it down is basically to keep a written record. Then later on, I can look back and see how God was working through prayer, how I’ve (hopefully) grown spiritually, and other good stuff like that.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. Bye.

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