Motivation for Organization

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Since today was just an average Sunday, I won’t go into much detail except to mention that tonight the guys are meeting at Pastor Dave’s house to eat pizza and play poker. He’s one of the few pastors at our church that doesn’t mind playing cards, but his email to the guys was “written in code,” mentioning a “special” tournament, in case his wife or one of the pastors intercepted the email.

So anyways, I’ll try to keep this entry short, since I don’t have much to say. Yesterday evening was sort of a strange night, but definitely a productive one. My mom needed to use the computer for an hour or two last night, so I had to find something else to do during that time. I already mentioned that I filled in my income tax forms, so that was done. I went up to my room and read Red Rabbit for a little bit, and then started to get a strange feeling, an overwhelming need to organize. It’s something that doesn’t happen very often. I usually organize under the guise of being disorganized. I mean, I can find anything I want in my room, it’s just that no one else can. But what do I care? It’s my room. Maybe I don’t want anyone else to find anything.

But anyways, I started to look over what I’ve been planning to read for my daily devotions for the next little while. I’ve got to finish up the Purpose-Driven Life, and then I’m going to start into a devotional booklet on Philippians and Colossians. After that, I’ve got a book called Seven Checkpoints or something, which my parents bought for me for Sunday school but which I never read. They taught from the book, but never actually told us to read it. Anyways, I counted up the chapters in those books and then looked at what I had written down on my list next. I listed off the four Gospels and then Acts, and then a few other books from here and there in the Bible, but I figured out that after I finish those three books, reading a chapter a day, and then read the four Gospels, it should take me until about three days before the end of the year. That’s pretty good timing if you ask me. I tried finding a book in the Bible with only three chapters, and the only ones I found were Minor Prophets – I’ll probably read Joel or something.

So then, when the new year starts, I’ve planned to read Acts, Psalms, Daniel, Jonah, and Ecclesiastes. I think that was the order. Anyways, whatever the order, that should take me to about halfway through July of next year. Then I have to find something to keep me going until the end of the year. My plan is to start Genesis on January 1st, 2007, and to read through the entire Bible, one chapter per day. Once I start that, I want to get a journal started that I can write down my thoughts for the day and what I learned from the chapter, etc. I’ve wanted to start that for a while now, but I wanted to have some semblance of order to it instead of skipping from book to book. I also want to start a prayer journal, but since I can start that any time, I’ll start it today. I already have a spiral-bound notebook that can hold me over for a while at least.

So that’s what I planned last night. After that, I started to get fidgety again, with my organizational tendency slipping into overdrive, and so I decided to do some more. Looking into one of the drawers underneath my bed, I found the receipts I’ve kept for the past little while – since July, actually. Having just finished my taxes, I figured now was a good a time as any to fix up my finances. The biggest problem I’ve found since getting a debit card was that I would lose track of where my money was going, to and from the bank. Now, I did have some organization to it. I would keep all the receipts from the use of my debit card, and then whenever I got around to it (usually after cashing in a paycheck), I would write down my spendings and earnings in a sort of ledger. You must forgive me, but I think like an accountant sometimes. I had a line for the date, a line each for debits and credits, and a line for the particulars of the transaction. I also ended up developing an adjustments line since there were a couple times when my calculations and the bank statement were off by a dollar or so, and for which I couldnt find a reason.

That was fine and dandy, and it worked for a while, but I was nearing the end of the page I had started on. So what did I decide to do last night? Why, I put it on an Excel spreadsheet, of course. My mom was off the computer by that time, so I headed downstairs to the computer, fired up Excel, and started making columns. I typed in all the money figures, and included a line that totalled up all the debits and credits for the month, added it to the last month’s balance, and then checked it with the balance produced from each transaction throughout the year. I separated it by year, even though 2004 starts at July. After all that was done, I saved it onto disk, and that was that. I put all my paychecks from 2004 into an envelope marked “2004” (go figure) along with all the receipts from that year and all the bank statements from that year as well. Well, they’re not technically bank statements, I suppose, but just the receipts the instant teller at the bank produces when you put in or take out money. Anyways, I also made an envelope for 2005, and then I put those envelopes back in my drawer along with the disk, all nice and neat.

That was my organizational binge-and-purge for the night. This morning I started cleaning out the bottom drawer of my dresser that I’ve stuffed things in for several years without cleaning it out. I seriously found stuff in there from seven or eight years ago, from way back when I went to Kids’ Church on Sunday mornings. Most of the stuff from inside the drawer is now on the floor of my bedroom. Although my room now looks messier than before, it’s how cleaning is done. You’ve got to get it out on an open space so you can sort through it, and then clean it up afterwards. Perhaps I’m just cleaning in order to avoid dealing with the university stuff that I have to deal with eventually. I’m just putting that off as long as possible, and one of the side effects is finding anything else to do instead of that. Yes, even cleaning. Scary. But anyways, I must go and clean out my room a bit more. Bye now.

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