Last Night and Today: Sleep-Deprived Excitement

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

I’m not entirely sure how I felt about today. On the one hand, it wasn’t too strenuous of a day. We mostly just sat and listened to the teachers drone on, occasionally jotting down notes. But on the other hand, we just sat and listened to the teachers drone on, occasionally jotting down notes. In other words, on one hand, we didn’t have to think, but on the other hand, we didn’t do anything interesting enough to get us to think.

Accounting class was definitely the worst, because Mr. G just sat there for the entire hour and fifteen minutes and explained amortization of bonds payable for the third or fourth time. I already understand it, and yet he won’t let those who get it move on to something else. He makes everyone sit there and listen to his explanations and try to decipher his horribly inaccurate pictures that he draws on the board. First, amortization is a bar graph, and next, it’s a pie graph. Then, it’s a diagram showing a factory with an arrow pointing to a crudely drawn stick figure (representing the bond) and another arrow pointing the other way (representing money lent). The worst thing is that on one of his charts, he was explaining it wrong. He was doing 5% of the wrong number, and I didn’t have the heart to correct him. For one thing, he’d just get frustrated looking like a fool, and on the other hand I figured that Bethany and Lana wouldn’t remember how to do it next class anyways. They never do really, until you walk them through step by step. I mean, that’s not an insult or anything, it’s just saying that they learn differently than Mr. G is teaching them. I learned quite a while ago in Accounting to teach myself, because I’d never learn anything from Mr. Gillmore. At the most, if I don’t understand something, I’ll listen to him long enough to get the general idea, and then figure it out on my own, the way I understand it.

So anyways, I digress. Instead of blabbering on about today, since nothing exciting happened anyway, I’ll talk about last night a little bit. I got to the church at about 4:30 after picking up Jordan, and then we, along with Kyle and Lawrence, practiced for one last time before the youth service. We basically had everything down, and practice went like clockwork for the most part, with only a few minor details to work out. So then when the time really came, we screwed up on parts that we never even had a problem with before. On one of the songs, King of Majesty I believe, we cut out all the guitar and drums right before we get into the chorus, singing the first few words and then coming in. For some reason, though, Lawrence screwed that part up every single time, playing the first chord of the chorus there. It was frustrating, not because he was doing it wrong, but because it had sounded so much better in practice. We all knew we could do better, but we messed up.

Oh well. At the beginning of service, Pastor Dave said to everyone to not compare us to the best worship team in the world, but rather to make the best of it and to make a conscious effort to worship. It sounded quite funny since it was basically apologizing in advance. Then afterwards, everyone said we did great. I’m not sure whether they just had low standards, or that we actually did do well, but whatever. I didn’t think it was too bad, but it was just a little chaotic – more chaotic than usual when Anita leads worship. I think mostly the problem lay in the fact that we didn’t really have a “leader.” Near the end, we had thrown in a few of the better-known songs to play, but we had just done that before the service. So when that time came, Jordan basically turned around and was talking with Kyle about what song to do. It was a little unorganized then, especially because I didn’t know the chords for the songs. I just turned my bass off and figured them out, and then turned myself back on again. The problem with doing that is that when you turn yourself off, you can’t really hear yourself that well. It’s a choice between being on and hitting the wrong chords, or being off and not finding out the right chords.

All in all, the service went pretty well, I think. Our special speaker’s car broke down on the way there, so he didn’t make it. Pastor Dave had to rush and come up with something for the speaking portion of it, so it was a little unorganized as well. Some things just can’t be helped I suppose, but that meant all we really had was worship. I think people could still worship, though. I was afraid that, with some of our songs, it would seem more like a concert rather than a worship service. But I think everyone still made the best of it in spite of that. I hope so anyways. I most certainly did. I was singing my heart out even though I didn’t have a microphone. I was definitely making an effort to worship God in spite of how we sounded.

After the service, most of the people went over to Caitlin’s house. Jordan, Angelie, Kristy, and I got a ride with Justine and Kyle, and we actually made it there alive even though the roads were pretty bad. We just sat there and watched The Wedding Singer, and threw popcorn around trying to catch it in people’s mouths. It was definitely interesting to say the least.

Getting up this morning was pretty bad. Again, I woke up early, but I think it’s just getting to be normal. I woke up somewhere around 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM. I thought it might be a snow day, so when it wasn’t, I was disappointed, although by the time I would have found out, I would have already been up and had my shower. So I wouldn’t have felt like going back to bed by that time anyways, especially since I know I wouldn’t have been able to get back to sleep anyways. There’s no point to sleeping in when you can’t sleep. It’s just laying on your bed doing nothing, trying to sleep and completely failing. And that’s not fun. At all.

I’m seriously considering developing a “cough” so I can take some Nyquil. That stuff works wonders, although it’s completely disgusting. I could handle the thick nasty texture if it helps me sleep, though. Last time I took it, I was out like a light. That was like the most recent time that I ever slept well. Perhaps I’ll try it.

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