Incredibly Interesting Day! Not.

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

I really have nothing to say today. Nothing really interesting happened at all. But seeing as this blog-writing has become a habit now, or perhaps even an addiction, I suppose I should write something.

First off, my parents should likely be on their way pretty soon to Hamilton for a meeting with “the bank.” I have no idea what bank they’re talking about or why they have to go to Hamilton, but whatever. The fact is that they’re leaving for a meeting at 4:00. That means I’ll likely get hungry before they get home, so I’ll have supper early. It’s kind of strange, though. My parents have always been the overprotective type, bordering on smothering me. They’ve never gone even that far away and left me alone in the house. I mean, they know I’m not going to do anything bad, but they (especially my mom) were the cautious type and would arrange for me to go over to the Tozers for the afternoon while they were gone or whatever. I always thought it was pretty stupid. What, somebody’s going to happen to break into the house in the specific hour or two that you’re gone and rape me or something? I highly doubt that. I don’t think I could live with myself if I got raped in my own home. It’s my turf, and I know exactly where the baseball bats are if I need them. But I can fight for myself without them anyways. Adrenaline has powerful qualities.

Anyways, enough about rape. The fact is that I think I’ve proven to them (finally) that I’m capable of looking after the house for them while they go away. I mean, I’m home alone every day after school, but they’re usually in town. Whatever. The point is that they’re finally seeing the light.

Tonight I’m going to be at the church practicing with Lawrence, Kyle, and Jordan for Sunday night. Apparently our usual worship leader, Anita, isn’t going to be able to be there. So the job falls to us. It’s happened once before, one of the weeks when I was working. I heard it was pretty bad, having had no time to plan ahead. So this time we’re getting together a couple of times and practicing beforehand to make sure we’re at least on the same page. It’s not a matter of playing styles or anything – we’ve practiced with each other before – but more a task of figuring out what songs to do and how to do them. It will be interesting at the very least.

Anyways, I’ve rambled on for as much as I can with nothing to say. So I’ll stop. I gave Steph a Valentine’s Day card today since she asked me to give her one, and apparently all the girls in Math class read it and now they want some too. We’ll just see about that. What I did for Steph was being nice of me. They should have learned by now that pushing my patience can produce disastrous results. Instead of a nice Valentine’s Day card, they may just end up with an envelope full of anthrax. That should teach them…. I’m joking, of course…

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