I Spy a Fly With My Eye

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

An epicure dining at Crewe
Found a very large bug in his stew.
Said the waiter, “Don’t shout
And wave it about,
Or the rest will be wanting one too.”

Don’t ask. I just found it, and since I have nothing else interesting to say, I put it up here. My arm hurts from racquetball, since every time I play I manage to somehow pop it and it starts to hurt. I’m not even sure what happens to it, but when I do a really hard return, it will crack or pop or something and then I can’t get any power out of any other shots. Oh well. Three more shifts at work and I’m done – I have one tonight, one Saturday, and one Sunday. Hallelujah.

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