Counting Files Helps Me Sleep

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Waking up early on a day that you had the chance to sleep in is not fun. I repeat, it’s not fun. It’s quite painful, actually, to know that you could have slept in late and you end up waking up at 6:00 AM. That’s what happened to me today. I was planning to sleep in until at least after my parents left in the morning, and I ended up waking up before they even got up.

So there I lay. I was half-conscious and half-asleep. I looked at the clock. Only ten minutes had passed since the last time I had looked. I rolled over with a groan and tried desperately to get back to sleep. As far as I know, I slept in short little spots during the few hours that I lay there, but I couldn’t really tell. I was in that half-conscious state when you really can’t tell whether you’re awake or asleep half the time. I mean, I knew I had woken up. I just didn’t remember half the time that I lay there, so I assume now that I fell asleep for at least a little bit, in a restless sort of sleep.

So that was my morning. I finally got up at about 9:45 because I hate just laying in bed there not being able to sleep. I figure that I’m not going to actually sleep anymore, so I might as well not waste my time trying and just get up and do something. I seem to do that every Saturday morning now. I’ll just finally get sick of laying there, so I’ll just get up and go play my bass or just sit there listening to music. After a while of that, I’ll go up and have a shower to sort of wake me up a bit. That’s basically what I did today as well. I got up and came downstairs, grabbed a chocolate chip muffin, and turned on the computer. I just sat there listening to music and checking up on some websites (ones that update quite frequently, like I do here – those are the best kind, because there’s always something new). After a while of that, I just went up and had a shower, which sort of woke me up a bit.

After my shower, I got dressed and then went back downstairs to the computer, this time grabbing a chocolate chip cookie on my way. I’m such a sucker for chocolate, and it’s especially bad when my mom goes and gets groceries the night before and then just leaves the good stuff out on the counter for me to see. Anyways, my music was once again turned on, since I’d pretty much die without it, and then I started working on my pet project, the FileReader thing I talked about a month or two ago in my blog, but which I haven’t worked on in a while. To reiterate what it is, it’s basically a program that I’ve been making that will read the files and directories on your computer and display them in a list, also allowing you to rename, copy, move, delete, and edit them. It works very similar to Windows Explorer, except that this functions in a web browser. But considering that most people with a computer will have some sort of program like Windows Explorer, its best use will be for web designers that have a “remote server” – I really can’t put that into any simpler terms. It’s basically someone else’s computer that they get money for renting out space, so people can put their websites on the Internet. Using this FileReader, web designers can basically use Windows Explorer on their section of that computer.

Anyways, I’ve been working on this thing for months now, although I haven’t really touched it in a while. I’m really proud of it – it’s a work of art if you look at the massive amounts of code that makes it run. I don’t even really know why I made it, other than for something to do. I was trying to think of something to make that hadn’t really been made before. I mean, people have made news scripts, blogs, guestbooks, shoutboxes, and a zillion other things. I was really at a loss of something new and exciting to make. So I finally decided to make this. I’ve never seen anything like it around, and so far it’s working great. It’s actually not that far from being finished either, so soon I’ll be able to show it off to all those other people who will truly appreciate it. I mean, I don’t expect just anyone off the street to understand its importance or how much work it took for me to make it, but someone who works in the same sort of scripting languages that I do will understand just how complicated it is. I definitely hope they’ll be impressed at the very least. I’ve got one person who keeps nagging at me to get it finished, so hopefully I won’t disappoint him.

As for everything else in my life, well, it’s not that major enough to write about. School’s as stupid as usual, my friends are still friendly (somewhat), and God is still God. So I suppose I’ll just have to find something else interesting to write about…like a war. Perhaps a war in Iraq. No, wait, that’s been covered way too much already.

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