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I don’t remember much of what happened today. It’s all just a blur, really. I remember having three classes before lunch and barely making it that long without nourishment. I remember having World Religions presentations with candy being thrown at me. I remember my daily process of dissing people. But I don’t remember any of the specific things I said, really. Then there was lunch, which I only have distant memories of, and at the end of the day was chapel. It was really bad today. I was playing my bass, but Zac decided to play all hymns. He had five picked out, and then Stephanie was actually quite rude and basically took over. We only ended up singing two of the songs. But when we were playing, Steph would start out at a good speed for singing, and then Zac would get mad at the fact that it was too slow and speed it up for a good guitar speed. It sounded really bad. I’m going to have to tell Zac that the point is to sing – the guitar is just accompaniment. We’re not putting on a concert, we’re worshipping God. Then again, I should likely talk to Steph as well and tell her that if she doesn’t agree with something, she should at least argue in private either before or after rather than taking charge about ten seconds before starting. Power struggle, anyone?

That’s about all I remember about today. There was no semblance of order to the day, nor was there a hint of comprehension of anything on my part. I just sort of zoned out and sat there. We even had a handball quiz today in Phys. Ed. and I messed up the simplest thing. As soon as I handed in my test I remembered that I switched two answers around – the easiest answers, too. I wanted to scream, but then I remembered that I was too lazy to scream. So I just sat there.

I’m assuming that tonight will be similar to today. I’ll go upstairs in a little while and eat supper, then finish off the homework that I forgot to do this morning. After that, I’ll likely just sit on this chair in a daze, staring off into space beyond the computer screen. That will continue on until I decide to go to bed and get some sleep for once. Hopefully I’ll sleep.

That’s likely why I can’t remember anything about today. I mean, I was lively and energetic for most of the day, due to either sugar intake or sheer willpower. Now that I’m at home, though, my lethargy is taking over. I really didn’t sleep well last night, nor have I slept well for a long time. Besides the one night at retreat that I got a solid 11 hours of sleep where I was completely knocked out, I haven’t had more than about 5 hours of sleep at a time. I usually wake up at about 3 or 4 in the morning and then sleep restlessly until morning. Last night I woke up quite a few times. I basically just laid there in bed from about 6:00 to 7:00 this morning, unable to go to sleep at all. I remember having some strange dream about a cat coming up next to my head and licking my ear – seriously. There’s a story behind that one, though. When my cat Pickle was still alive, I found out one day that he liked eating earwax. I had just set down my discman one day coming home from school. I usually use those little earbud headphones that stick inside your ear, so I suppose I had a bit of earwax on them or something. My cat came over and started licking them clean. It was weird. I showed my cousins later. I just stuck my finger in my ear, twisted it around a little, and then held it down for my cat. He would just start licking my finger. One time I even remember holding my ear to him and he started licking it. That’s probably where the dream came from.

Anyways, that dream occurred somewhere in between 6:00 and 7:00, when I was half awake and trying desperately to get back to sleep. I remember some other dream about Niagara Falls and being there with some friends of mine, but that’s it. It’s strange, because I usually don’t remember my dreams. Maybe some higher power’s trying to tell me to get a cat to lick my ear while in Niagara Falls with my friends. Then again, maybe not. All I can say is, “Blah.”

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