Belated Valentine’s

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The talk of our school for the next little while is definitely going to be what happened at the end of today. The guys of the school are definitely going to be in the girls’ good books for a while now. Shall I continue? Seeing as I have nothing else to talk about, I think I shall.

About five or ten minutes from the end of the school day, Mr. G stopped his class and asked all the girls to go into the lunch room and sit in the seats provided there. He then went into the other classroom and asked the same of the girls there. All the guys came into the Grade 11-12 classroom, and we put into action the plan we had come up with over a week ago. Mr. G had gone out and bought yellow roses (yellow symbolizes friendship, apparently) – one for each girl there, including one for Mrs. Houtman. He wrote all the names down on paper and we each picked one, with Jonathan and myself having to pick two since Mrs. Houtman was one extra and Bas was sick today. We each got a rose and then waited outside of the lunchroom, in the hallway.

Mr. Gillmore went into the lunch room and told the girls – who apparently were scared because they thought they were in trouble or something – that he was going to call each of their names one by one and the guys were going to come in and give them something special. I can only imagine the mental pictures some of them had at that point, but whatever. He called each one up onto the stage one by one, and then we came in and gave them the yellow rose. They stayed at the front until all of them had gotten a flower. Then that was basically it, with Mr. Gillmore saying how much we appreciated the women here at the school.

This whole thing was originally planned for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately since the weather wasn’t so great on that day, many of the guys and girls didn’t come on that day. So we planned for today. After school it was all the girls were talking about. They were saying things like, “Aww, that was so sweet.” “That was really great guys.” In Steph’s case, the comments went more like, “Getting flowers from guys in public just isn’t my thing.” Uhh, wow, that was ungrateful. Here we go and do something nice for you and you complain about it? Thanks a lot. Oh well. She said afterwards that when it was all over she realized that it really was nice. And I must agree with her that it was quite awkward how Mr. G decided to do it. It felt a lot like graduation or something, with each person being called up one by one.

Anyways, I always appreciate having a chance to do something nice for someone without looking like a fool – or at least looking like a fool with other people as well. Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies!

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Miss Lana

happy belated Valentine’s jeff 🙂 thanks for the comment you left on my blogger: it was very helpful and encouraging. Thanks for the flower 🙂
Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that you’re a really nice guy, and I’m encouraged by the spiritual growth I’ve seen in you over the past year. School just wouldn’t be the same with out you, so I guess what I’m trying to say is, “What university are you going to? I need to go there too!” lol. You know what I mean.