Yesterday (Such A Gripping Title, Eh?)

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Oh my! I missed a day. That’s horrible! Well, okay, not really. But anyways. I’ll just talk about yesterday and make up for it with two today (the second one talking about today, of course).

Yesterday I headed off to church; that was fine and dandy. Then after church I went home with the Tozers and stayed there until my parents and my uncle got there as well. I had no clue that we were doing this until they told me yesterday, but apparently we were all supposed to be going over to the Tozers for a Christmas celebration with Uncle Bob. So my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Faye were over there as well, along with their daughter, Corinne. Jordan and I played around with Bethany’s digital camera most of the afternoon, making movies where we punch each other and throw pillows and stuff. It was hilarious. We’d shake hands and say, “Good game,” and then one of us would slap the other person or something. Such great times.

We were having fun with those movies until our aunts and uncles kicked us out of the family room so they could discuss my grandma’s will. So we headed down to the basement and started making more movies down there. We found this little leopard backpack thing and then started making it rap to Eminem and stuff. We’d just set the camera down on a table or something and then Jordan would play guitar and I’d move the leopard. It was pretty hard considering it really wasn’t a puppet. It opened up at the side, so that made it difficult. But anyways, then we started making a story that talked about a boy with a backpack that fell in love with his backpack and then died and fell into several pieces. It was a little hard to do the several pieces part, but I managed to act out the dying part. I’d have to die and then wake up again and all this strange stuff. But it was fun. I also made an instructional video on how to play pool, in which I completely slaughter the entire game within about 2 minutes. I manage to make a mockery of all that encompasses the word “pool.” Well, I at least make some horrible shots.

Later on we went to youth for 5 and played our guitars. Jordan and I were sporting our nice suit jackets that we also wore to the funeral. It was pretty sweet. Then after youth, Angelie, Jordan, and I went back to Jordan’s house and just hung out. We started flinging this ball that had little rubber strings sticking out of it from all angles. It’s hard to describe. But it looked like a hedgehog I suppose, only it was in the shape of a ball, and the little needle things flopped all around. It then had this rubber part sticking out with a loop at the end, where you could stick your thumb in and pull the ball back to make it go flying. So Jordan and I sat at opposite ends of the room and flung it at each other, occasionally getting Angelie in the line of fire. For the most part, though, she sat there stuffing her face, because I suppose she’s trying to gain some weight or something.

So that was a run-down of yesterday. It was fun, but also not fun because the Tozers’ dog makes me sneeze like crazy. But whatever. Yesterday was still good. I was a little crazy. Actually, I was a lot crazy. But yeah, that’s it for now. I must be off to school!

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