This is Where the Title Goes

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Today was just another dime-a-dozen, normal day. First class in the morning we had a Calculus test, which went not too badly except for making me think too early in the morning. Next up was Biology, where we explained the process of DNA transcription and translation to Jonathan about three or four times because he kept getting it screwed up. Lunchtime was interesting, with Holly following me around since it’s completely and 100% obvious that she likes me now. Third class was World Religions, where we did our final quiz for Memory Work, writing out all of Colossians chapter 1. That was pretty crazy. We’ve been doing it 2 or 3 verses at a time since about October, so this was like the big kahuna – the mother of all Memory Work quizzes. But anyways, in Gym we played handball and started into racquetball, where we had to wear goggles that made my eyes hurt, gave me a headache, and made me feel sick. It was great (note the sarcastic tone here).

But anyways, I have to work tonight, so that’s all I really have time for. After I get home I’ve got lots of homework to keep me nice and busy, so I’ll likely just drop on the floor and go into a seizure or something like that. Nothing like a fake seizure to get you out of school, lemme tell ya.

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