The Funeral

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Today I buried my grandmother. We had a funeral for her. Pastor Lyndon and Pastor Pinkston were both there, and my dad spoke about his mom as well. Mrs. Haacke had a few words to say, but she got Pastor Pinkston to say it for her. It was a pretty nice service, and quite a few people showed up, including Mr. G along with the Parenting class (Gr. 10-12). I found that a little awkward considering none of the kids nor Mr. G knew my grandma. They only know the family, but I suppose that’s a good enough reason to come. I just don’t really like my friends coming to my grandma’s funeral. It makes it seem like they’re spectators at a baseball game or something.

Anyways, the pallbearers moved the casket out to the hearse and then we got into the two black Chrysler 300-series cars – they were pretty nice. They weren’t limousines, but they were still pretty stylish. We went out to the cemetery and the pallbearers took the casket out of the hearse and set it down on those little straps that hold the casket above the hole in the ground. The pastor said a few words, and then the family got to each place a flower on top of the casket before we left and went to the reception back at the funeral home.

Overall, it was quite nice. The reception wasn’t huge, but they had some sandwiches and some other desserts along with punch and coffee. There wasn’t any potato salad either, which was disappointing. But with that aside, the funeral was a great success. It sort of finalized everything and helped everyone realize that she’s in a better place. R.I.P. Hilda Hughes – you were a great witness to us all of the servanthood of Christ, and now we lay you to rest, knowing that you are now experiencing Christ firsthand.

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