Sad News

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Sad news today. Last night my grandma passed away in the nursing home. She was 88, and was diagnosed a few years earlier with Alzheimer’s Disease. We put her into the nursing home a few years ago because of the disease, since she was starting to lose comprehension and misplacing things, etc.

Sometimes death is the event that makes people contemplate the most. It makes people wonder about an afterlife and what happens once one’s physical body gives up the fight. My grandma’s death, for me, was a few years back. I’ve never seen her since she’s been in the nursing home. My parents haven’t suggested it simply because it might, perhaps, bring back some memory for her and make her want to go home. At least, that was the reason they gave. I suspect they probably partially wanted to protect me from seeing her like that. I’ve heard some of what she was like, sitting in a chair phrasing incomprehensible sentences. It was a struggle to know if she actually understood what you were saying. So to me, my grandma, while still alive, was virtually dead a few years back when she moved into the nursing home. It’s not a great thing to say, but it’s the truth.

My sadness is not so much for the death of my grandma. I know she was a Christian and is in Heaven right now. Right now she’s not having trouble putting words together. She lived a full life and, though she will be remembered, she can have a better time in eternity than here on earth. My sadness right now is for my family, especially my aunts and uncles, and my dad. They’re going through the death of their mother, and last night I prayed that God would just watch over them and help them through this whole thing. They’ve made some tough decisions on her behalf and now the tough time is drawing to a close. It’s the final stage, a hard one, but an inevitable one. All those who believe in Someone up there, and even those who don’t, please just pray for my family right now. Thanks.

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