Pressure Cooker

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Well, today was a pretty “blah” day. I forced myself to sleep in until about like 10:30 or something, although most of that time I was only half-asleep. I didn’t sleep too well, and I’m not quite sure why. I suppose I was pretty stressed out last night. It was horribly busy the entire night at work last night and we got out about 20 minutes later than we were supposed to. And I even closed 15 minutes early.

But anyways, I decided that this job is putting way too much stress on me, especially during exam time. So last night and this morning, I decided to quit my job. I’m going to put in my two weeks’ notice today when I go into work. And then, two weeks from now, I will have that part of my life gone and done with. It’s going to be an incredible release of pressure, especially with all the new stuff I have to remember with this new contest thing we have going on. Everything’s just been piling up lately. Oh well. My youth retreat starts in 6 days. That’s going to feel just amazing, being able to relax and not think about school or work at all. Not too long to go, nope, not long at all.

But now I must be getting ready for work, so I have to go – this is my final two weeks and I had better make them good.

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