Parenting Class

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I have to make this fairly short since I’m on a restricted time limit (I have to leave for work in about 10 minutes), but I also just need this daily writing time to reflect on the day and sometimes get some stuff off my mind.

In Parenting class today, we talked about sex education and whether it should include more than abstinence, teaching stuff like contraceptives and everything – which it does currently in our public school systems. We were reading about a couple differing opinions, one which believed that only abstinence should be taught, and another opinion which said that education should include topics like contraceptives. While everyone was sort of offering their own opinions, though, the topic of parental involvement came up. It sort of hit me. In today’s culture, kids learn about sex long before they even hit puberty – especially for the guys since they hit that point later than girls do. But parents, I’ve noticed, tend to shy away from discussing it with their children. So I got to thinking: why are parents letting their kid’s peers and teachers tell them about sex? And then why are they blaming the sex education programs for corrupting their kids? Shouldn’t they be the ones to teach their kids the values they want to instill within them about sexual activity? If parents, especially Christian parents, want their kids to have the same values as they do about sex, then they need to teach them about it – not the kid’s pastors or teachers or friends. It’s only a recipe for disaster.

But anyways. I must be off. Not much happened today of interest, and I doubt that anything really exciting will happen tonight at work. I’ve got homework to do once I get home tonight, and I’m trying to get back into the habit of reading my Bible daily – not an easy thing to do with a part-time job. It throws off all routine. But anyways, that’s my plan for tonight. Now let’s see if anything at all goes according to that plan.

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