One Plus One Makes Three

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The above title is the best newspaper headline for the birth of triplets ever. Seeing as this entry would be of sort of a random nature, I decided to give it a nice, random title. I also thought of it at lunch today for no reason – well there was a reason, but it would take a while to map out my entire thought process. Let’s just say it was random and leave it at that.

I spent most of the day today figuring out what the heck I’m going to do after this school year. I started looking through this giant Undergraduate Directory for the University of Ottawa just to get a feel for what I’d be up against in this battle of the decisions. I had no real particular reason for picking out the University of Ottawa catalogue instead of anything other one except that it was big – the catalogue, that is, not the university, although it is too – and would offer me a lot of choice. The University of Ottawa is a pretty major university, so I thought it might give me an idea of a good standard set of courses available, which it did. I looked through the areas on Psychology and read a bit of the descriptions. They sounded pretty interesting, and it looked like something I’d definitely be interested in. So I then proceeded to widen my search for universities, and then narrow them down. Sounds a bit defeating, but I decided I should figure out the possible areas, and then narrow it down by choosing a few that seemed to work for me.

After searching around a bit, I discovered that universities in other provinces or in the U.S. would be more of a hassle to get into. In America, they’d be looking for a GPA from my high school, something which I could figure out, but which would be annoying. And of course, since education is a matter of the provincial government, each province has slightly different (or in the case of Quebec, radically different) ways of determining guidelines and prerequisites. I mean, I think a couple provinces still have an equivalent to an OAC/Grade 13, whereas most provinces don’t, so I’d have to watch out for stuff like that. For example, at the end of this school year I’ll have a Grade 12 English credit – but does that line up with an OAC English credit? So I decided to just screw that and go for an Ontario university – it’d be a lot less hassle, and there’s lots of choice anyway.

My next criteria for a university was that it had to be outside of Brantford. That ruled out Wilfrid Laurier University with its Brantford campus. I mean, I could always go to the Waterloo campus, but my parents would just say, “Well if you want to go to Laurier, why not stay in Brantford and live at home?” I really want to get away from Brantford for a while – a long while. And besides, who wants to live in Waterloo? It’s probably as boring as Brantford. But anyways, I found a list of Ontario universities and then picked out the ones I had actually heard of. I narrowed it down to four: University of Ottawa, University of Western Ontario in London, Laurentian University in Sudbury, and Trent University in Peterborough. Laurentian and Trent are smaller universities, but I think I’d like that considering I’ve just come from four years of a high school with 22 kids or less. Any change is going to be a drastic increase in people (like where I don’t know everyone that goes to my school), but I might as well start small, right?

Anyways, after I had those four narrowed down, my mom suggested Redeemer University College in Ancaster, and my dad suggested the University of Waterloo. I really think my dad wants me to live in Waterloo or something, because he suggested both University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier. Go figure. Anyways, I checked out Redeemer a little bit as well, but it seems like a really small school. I mean, I just said small was good, but I don’t think I’m looking for something that small. Besides, they’re really opening it up with only a 65% average as a minimum requirement – it’s pretty obvious that they’re desperate to let anyone in. Laurentian and Trent had a 75% average, and Ottawa and Western Ontario had an 80% average. However, I’m not too worried about averages since I can definitely exceed an 80% average. Most colleges and universities bump up the marks of a private school too, since they have a harder course curriculum. I’ve heard that most will bump it up about 10-15%, so if I have an 85% average in school, they’d push it up to about 95-100% or something. That’s pretty crazy. I’m not worried about averages.

The most important factor I looked at was the male to female ratio. Well, okay, that’s not the most important factor, but it’s at least a factor. It was quite interesting to note that the worst male/female ratio was Western Ontario with 46/54%. That’s pretty good – it’s still 1.17 girls for every guy. The best ratio was Trent University with a 31/69% ratio of guys/girls. That comes out even better with 2.23 girls per guy. I’m definitely liking the odds of that.

Anyways, the real decision is to be made later, because I don’t want to rush this. I wrote down a lot of the information for each university, such as the registration deadlines and prerequisites needed in high school to get into the Psychology program. I’ve still got some time, but I need to figure this all out in my head. It’s mostly a decision between a large school versus a small school. Right now Trent is looking pretty good – not just because of the guy/girl ratio, but because it’s far from home, but not too far from home. I’ve also got an aunt and uncle that live in Peterborough, and it’s a fairly small school, with 6,347 students last year, and approximately half of those being undergraduates. I’ll have to check all of them out in a little more detail, though, before I make a decision. Right now I’m just getting a feeling for which one seems to be the best choice.

So now onto something else more random. Yesterday we got our yearbooks for 2002-2003 and 2003-2004. The reason it spans two school years is basically because it didn’t get organized two years ago – it was started and then never really finished. The cover looks pretty stupid; it’s got a foot and lyrics from a song about leaving footprints. There’s then some ugly pictures of all the students (because no one really can look their best in a school photo) and some funny pictures of us all that look really nasty because they’re in black and white. All the guys look like they’re wearing lipstick because there’s no colour, but that only makes it funnier, really. There’s this one picture from a couple years ago of Vince and me sitting on this concrete block. It looks like it’s straight out of the ghetto. There’s Vince with his cap on backwards, holding a can of pop, and myself with a hoodie on and the hood up. We’re both looking at the camera unsmiling, looking like we’ve had the tough life. It’s straight out of the hood, yo. Yeah, anyways, most of the other pictures are just boring except for the lipstick issue. Perhaps next year we’ll have enough money to print the yearbook in colour. Jeez.

I have nothing else to say really. Hmm, I say that almost every time, don’t I? Then I just keep talking about one last thing I forgot until that point. Right now I’m trying to think of the other thing I was going to mention, and I can’t seem to think of it. Oh well. I guess that’s all for now. See ya later. Hugs and Hershey kisses. Mmm, speaking of food, I’m going to get some…

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