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Unfortunately, today was not as interesting as last night. It was quite a normal day. I’m starting to really, really like Accounting class, because it’s so incredibly simple and such a relief from all the other classes. Everything is so straightforward – likely because accountants made it, and they’re usually quite logical. We just got our most recent Accounting test back, which I got 96% on – but, as it turns out, I could prove my answers to the questions I got wrong to Mr. G, who then gave me 100%. It was just a matter of rounding, but then everyone kept complaining that I was stupid for trying to get those few marks to get perfect. Really, though, the thought never crossed my mind. I just didn’t get why I got them wrong, so I showed him how I got the answer on my calculator, and he checked his answer sheet, realized the issue was about rounding (about which he had told us to round to one decimal place), and then gave me the marks. ‘Twas quite a nice feeling all the same.

But today was quite normal. There was nothing really out of the ordinary, unless you count Holly and Bas’s game of chess during lunch time. Bas decided to try and teach her how to play, and so they were going at it until lunch time finished. The problem with chess is that it takes too long, so you really can’t get a game done within 50 minutes. I still prefer Rock Paper Scissors, but I’m probably in the minority there.

I have nothing much else to say, so I’m going to just sign off with today’s cartoon from the Garfield 365-day calendar I got for Christmas. In the first frame Jon says, reading from a book, “Empires rise and fall.” In the second frame, Garfield, who is laying on the table, points his finger and says, “See?!” In the third frame, he says, “Why rise?!” It’s not the funniest cartoon (Garfield’s never really struck me as hilarious), but I found it ironic that it sums up my view perfectly. It’s like why I don’t make my bed. I’m just going to have to sleep in it again, so why bother making it when nobody looks at it anyways? The only person that sees it is me, and I don’t care. So why make it? Sheesh. Parents these days – making you do all sorts of unnecessary things. But they kind of gave up on trying to make me make my bed. So that’s good, I suppose. Anyways, here’s Jeff, signing out with a giant, “Goodbye!”

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