Early Phone Calls From Giant Green Monkeys

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

I figure since I’m going into work tonight, I probably won’t have much of a chance to blog afterwards, so I might as well do it now. I was originally working from 5-9, but Cheryl (the boss’s wife) called me at about 9:00 AM – waking me out of a restless half-conscious sleep – and asked if I could come in early, for 3:30. I agreed, and then just got up since there was no point in going back to bed after getting up to answer the phone. I’m pretty sure I know why they called me in early. Kim was supposed to work some wierd shift today, but on Thursday she said she might call in sick, since she wasn’t feeling well and it was like a 3-hour shift anyways. Oh well, if it helps her out, that’s great, and it’ll give me the cash for an extra hour and a half of work. It’s not much, but money isn’t my main concern anyways.

So anyways, the roads are pretty bad, and we’re going to have leave early to get to work on time. I doubt Paul could really get mad for me being a few minutes late, considering he can look outside and see the weather, and also because I’m doing him a favour by coming in early to help his other employees out. I mean, you can’t yell at someone who just agreed to help you. And besides, I’m on his good side. Anyway, since we’re going to leave about 15 minutes earlier than we normally would, we should make it on time, with some to spare. It probably shouldn’t be too busy with the weather and all, unless of course everyone comes to Quizno’s for a refuge from the snowy conditions. That’s not likely, though.

As for anything else I could think of to talk about right now, it’s pretty boring. I’ve done absolutely nothing today, taking it easy for the weekend before some big tests and the start of exams and such. I found some wierd puzzles and stuff online at a place called PuzzleDonkey, so I was doing some of those. Some are friggin’ hard. But since I seem to be in the minority of people that like logic puzzles and word puzzles, that’s all I’ll say about that. I enjoy stimulating my brain, but it seems that people take offence at anything that makes them even think about thinking. Whatever – it’s their loss as far as I’m concerned.

I think I’m pretty much done the blog for another day. I wish something interesting would happen in this crazy town once in a while, so I’d have something interesting to write about. Giant green monkeys invading the city just gets boring after a while…

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