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Today I woke up and was completely light-headed and dizzy. While some might think that this might happen every day, as I am a person with no brain, I get used to the feeling after a while. This time it was even worse. I stood up and nearly fell over, and I had trouble walking and coordinating my feet. It felt like I had a headache, but at the same time I didn’t have a headache. It was strange.

After breakfast and a shower, things were a little more normal. I just had a regular old headache that kept throbbing my brain (or lack thereof) and being the general pain that headaches usually are. I still have a headache as I’m writing this; in fact, it hasn’t completely left for about a week now. I went to church and basically just zoned out completely. This wasn’t done on purpose, but any concentration either was painful or next to impossible.

So, now here I am right before lunch, writing this blog entry. After lunch, I have to go get ready for work and then spend four and a quarter hours there. Thankfully, my cough has, for the most part, gone away thanks to the Nyquil I took last night (which also put me out like a light – another thing for which I’m grateful). I made the decision this morning to go to work just because, even though I’m not 100% better, I’m still on the way there and I’m not just going to set aside my life until things get better. I’ll just try and take it easy as much as possible at work, which shouldn’t be hard considering it’s a Sunday – they’re not usually too busy – and I’m working with Sarah, who has been trained as a supervisor and knows exactly what to do. She could run the whole store if I suddenly dropped dead or something – not that I’m planning to do that or anything.

Tomorrow it’s back to school, unfortunately. I’m not looking forward to that, especially with this sickness, but hopefully it will be all cleared up by Monday morning so I can be back to dreading school as usual. There are classmates to make fun of, teachers to mock, and homework to laugh at. It would be shameful if I neglected my duties in the hour of their most desperate need. And so, I plan ahead for the worst and hope for the best, and with any divine intervention things should start looking up. Yes, I can feel the sarcasm flowing through my veins again already. It’s time for school.

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