Bagels and Family Break-ups

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Yet again, I have nothing to post here. And yet, I am drawn here for another day, like a moth to a flame, or cream cheese to a bagel. That last simile was courtesy of the herb and cheese bagel with cream cheese that I’m eating right now – at this very minute. Except that as you’re reading this, I’ll probably be done, unless you’re reading it as I’m typing it, which is kind of freaky.

So anyways, on to bigger and better things. Today I got to sleep in on Sunday until like 9:00 AM, which is quite strange. It almost felt like having a second Saturday, which is always a great feeling to have. Anyways, I got to sleep in and skip church because I had to work today. I didn’t feel like getting up early to have breakfast with my parents, so I slept in and then headed off to work for 10:30 AM. It was horribly, horribly slow. For most of the time, Sarah and I just talked about movies and music and stuff, because there was no one in the store. Most of our business came from one person, who came in and ordered five large subs and two regular ones, coming in at over $70 of stuff. It was crazy. My jaw dropped when he started off saying that he wanted five large subs. I didn’t think I had heard him correctly. The way I figure it, he was likely buying for people wherever he worked, because he had a suit and tie on. It’s either that or he has like 20 kids or something. It was funny because Sarah asked him if it was for here or to go. I’m like, “Are you crazy? I’d like to see anyone eat seven subs in a row.” She got the point.

Other than that highlight, work was pretty boring. I got home and chillaxed (I love that word) and attempted to do my homework, only finishing World Religions and then achieving the ultimate in procrastination – yes, that’s right; I left the rest to do tomorrow morning before school. I love doing that. I get to school early anyways, and there’s nothing to do when it’s just Bethany Stewart and myself there anyway. I just end up talking to her, and then she gets mad at me because she doesn’t get her homework done that she planned to do that morning.

After the chillaxation session, I headed over to Pastor Dave’s house for our youth “Life Group” thing that’s going to be going on now every other week for the next little while. We talked about family, cracking up a lot since family is sort of a cheesy topic, especially for a group of guys. Near the end we went around the circle and prayed for the person to our left – or attempted to anyway. It ended up that we spent more time laughing than praying, because it was cheesy praying one at a time for the same thing – that the person’s family would grow stronger and not, as Jake so delicately put it, split up. That got quite a few laughs. “God, I just pray for Jordan’s family, that they wouldn’t split up.” I didn’t know they were having marital problems…

That’s pretty much my whole day. I’m in sort of a strange mood, I think because I’m hyper. I get into this strange mood where I’m hyper but also really calm, not happy or sad, and I’ll just sit there for a while not talking, and then suddenly erupt in a big blast of talking that surprises everyone. Yeah, I’m strange. I know it. Oh man, I just thought of something that made me feel cool. Kayla talked to me today on MSN and asked me to take this quiz. It was at the point where I was doing my World Religions questions and so I asked her how long it was; she said it wouldn’t take long, and gave me the URL of a site to fill information in on. It was a sort of match-making site that you had to fill in some information about your crush, and then it got into some really personal stuff about like how many times you masturbate per week and whether you’ve ever had feelings for people of the same sex and stuff. I immediately knew something was up, and then I glanced back up at the URL. It had an id number afterwards, and being fairly tech-savvy, I knew right away that it looked exactly like a randomly generated key – something usually used when people sign up to something. Right away I knew it – this thing would take all that information and send it right back to Kayla. So I just said to her, “Yeah, this thing is going to send all of this right back to you, isn’t it?” She didn’t reply, so I said, “Yeah, I thought so.” That was a moment that just made me feel smart – I had a good chuckle, knowing I had outsmarted her trying to pull one over on me.

That’s my day. I tried to pull out the highlights for you, because it was just so jam-packed with great moments it would take forever to describe it all. Well, okay, that was a lie. But I still picked out the highlights for you. Tomorrow it’s back to school once again, where I hope I’m still in this mood so I can make fun of everyone and not care what they do to me. It’s the best mood to be in. Actually that really just described most of my moods, so whatever. That’s pretty much all I do at school, so it’s something to look forward to. Anyways, I’m done. Over and out.

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