A Few Thoughts

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Since not much happened today besides being the first day of school (which I don’t feel like talking about), I will launch into a random discussion about a few thoughts that I received during the day. I use the word receive because thoughts in my head are far too strange to have been comprehended by a human mind. They must be from way out there somewhere. But hopefully these ones aren’t too strange. Actually, they’re quite normal. But whatever.

First off, I must mention that sisters are a pain in not just the neck and the butt, but in every other part of the body that have nerves to feel pain. My sister has no concept of the idea that “you reap what you sow” or “you get what you deserve.” She does absolutely nothing for me and then expects me to do things for her. These are minor, leisurely things as well, like getting a glass of water for her or something. She is very capable of getting one herself, nor is she in any physical or mental distress that would make her incapable. She is no further from the water cooler than I am, and even with all that said, I would be nice enough to get her a glass anyways, if it weren’t for the fact that she would have absolutely no intention of doing the same for me were she in my shoes. I suppose I should still do the loving thing and get it for her, but it’s quite hard to love such a person, especially after 17 years of this happening. I’m only human here. A glass of water may not seem like so much, but when it’s extended to every other thing imaginable, such as letting her on the computer right after I got on, letting her borrow my CDs, getting her this and that, and a thousand other scenarios.

Oh yeah, and anything I do for her goes unnoticed, because she tells my parents that she’s always the one helping around the house while I “do nothing.” Meanwhile, my parents ask me to do things around the house, like start supper, take out the garbage, or whatever else, while Jennifer’s off at university for like six months. While it’s hard for her to do anything around the house when she’s gone, it’s also hard for her to see what I do around the house when she’s not there as well. So she should just shut up. And yes I’m on a rant. But whatever. Sisters are just annoying, and I can’t wait until she goes back off to Siberia for university (oh, I wish – just give her a one-way plane ticket and she’d be all set!).

Moving right along, another thought came to mind tonight – never forget anything. At all. I almost forgot to do something that could have cost me my job, or perhaps my head. Well, okay, a little extreme, but I would have gotten yelled at for sure. The reason? I almost forgot to lock the back door at work when I left. Let me describe to you just how close I was to forgetting it. I finished up closing the store, and looked it all over to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything. I stared at the back door and was like, “Hmm, okay, I guess everything’s done!” I then turned around and set the alarm, locked the door, and got into my car. My dad started driving away and suddenly it hit me – “I forgot to lock the door!” My dad stopped and I got out. I had to unlock the door again, turn off the alarm, and then turn on the light to go to the back. I put the metal bar thing across, and then repeat the whole process in reverse to lock up the store again.

My boss would have killed me if I had left that unlocked. That’s the thing I would say that he probably gets most mad about. It’s completely understandable. Anyone could just come in the back door and rob us. Of course, the alarm would still go off, but they could be out of there before anyone got there, and they also wouldn’t be caught on the backup security camera – which faces the front door. Paul would have screamed at me. So the moral of the story is – don’t forget. Ever. Ever. Ever. And you know what? I’m a very forgetful person. I have to write everything down so I remember it. I swear I’d forget my own name some days if it wasn’t stitched on my underwear (just kidding – really). But forgetting things can have very big consequences, even if it was just an accident. Even if the person in charge is forgiving and understanding, sometimes forgetting something can still have consequences, not from the person themselves, but from elsewhere. For example, forgetting to put out a candle may burn down a house – serious consequences can result from simple mistakes.

You want to know something else I forgot? I forgot to check for pedestrians before turning left. This was yesterday. It was night time and a little bit rainy, so the windows were streaked. I made sure cars weren’t coming and such and then turned left. At literally the last second I saw a figure out of the corner of my eye. It was an old lady dressed in a black coat, virtually invisible at night. I was turning onto a road with a median, into the left lane. She was just crossing the median. I was probably a foot or two away from hitting an old lady. That’s not very good. Forgetting stuff is not good. That’s my lesson I’ve learned for the past two days.

I’m trying to think of a third thought for the day to just round it out nicely. Perhaps this would be a good conclusion, with school just starting up again and all. Repetition can be very monotonous. This is true in almost all areas: rap, public speaking, music, rap, construction, and even rap. The one that I’m sure stuck out most in your mind there was the word construction. My thinking was that in some cities, you just see the same building design over and over, especially in new housing developments. There’s no difference between the houses, except perhaps for a different colour or a different sized window.

But anyways, that’s not my point here. My point was actually just about repetition in general. My English (and World Religions, and Accounting, and Phys. Ed., and Parenting) teacher is repetitious. I mean, even the fact that he teaches five of the subjects means hes almost always there. One class ends and then we’re back for the next class and he’s still at the front. Half the time he just merges his subjects together and takes extra time from his next class to finish up stuff from the last class. (We really, really need a school bell to actually keep him accountable. He’d probably just change it, though, since he’s the principal as well.)

Within classes as well, he is the most predictable and boring teacher ever. While repetition can bring stability, it can also be terribly monotonous and boring. Without fail, at least once or twice a day, he gets onto a rant about one of a few things: a) homosexual marriages, b) husbands leaving their wives and why that’s terrible, c) teenage relationships and how they’re horribly immature, d) how headphones isolate people (go figure), or e) how drinking is bad. He has a few other ones that he sometimes throws in there, but they’re pretty much all spin-offs from these major themes. He accompanies these rants with stories from his life and such, which would make it quite interesting and thought-provoking if only he didn’t use the exact same story we’ve heard for the last four years. He even uses the same jokes all the time. There’s no variety to his discussions, and there’s no end to his rants either. As well, while I agree with much of what he says, he drills it into us so much that it makes me feel almost like I’m being attacked. I feel like just standing up and saying, “Alright already! I know homosexuality’s disgusting, teenagers are immature, and drinking is bad! Now stop trying to convert me to something I already am!” After that, I’d probably just leave the room and never come back, because it would be much better than him trying to talk and say he’s sorry – something else which in later years, he would only add to his collection of stories. “This is a time when I had to say I was sorry. Blah blah blah…” I wish he would just get over it. If he didn’t have me convinced in Grade 9, the same story isn’t going to sound any more convincing in Grade 12. In fact, it’s going to sound a lot more boring when I can mouth the words as he’s saying it. It’s going to sound a lot more cheap and phony. But I suppose that’s what happens to you after over 20 years of teaching.

So those are my thoughts for the day. If you’ve read this far without skim reading, pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you did well. For those who didn’t, shame on you. Go back and read it twice. And read the part on repetition a few extra times as well, just so it’s repetitious. That’s it for today. I’m tired, I’m still a bit sick, and I’m going to bed. Sheesh.

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