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I need a vacation. Ever think it would be nice to just have a break from life for a while? I have. I’ve always wanted to own a cottage. This wouldn’t be a normal cottage, though. This would be a cottage far away from all civilization. The front would open up to giant rolling hills of green, with lush trees interspersed throughout the landscape like stars in a night sky.

The back of the cottage would have a rustic dock with a rowboat tied to it. The calm lake would be as clear as crystal, like floating on a lake of glass. There would be no noise except for the chirping of birds, the playful banter of chipmunks, and the hushed whisper of the wind gently blowing the grass.

I’ve always had a desire to be able to sit on top of a grassy hill and overlook flowing grasslands. Actually, it wouldn’t really matter what I was overlooking. I could overlook a smoggy city for all I care. Anything can look beautiful from a distance. But elevation gives a sense of power. Sitting on top of a hill, just looking down on a landscape would give me such a great chance to think and just let God get ahold of my life.

Now, I know that I should be happy for what I have, and I really am. We’re all dealt the cards we have, and our responsibility is to manage them the best we can. So I’ve been given the card of being a teenager in the uptown of a medium-sized city, where the streets are clean, but there are still streets instead of pastureland. I’m not complaining about that. I just have a wish for something better, something higher, something to give me a chance to achieve even greater pursuits. The options are bleak in this city; I need to get away. I need to find a place where everything is free and the choices are endless. They say the sky is the limit. I want to go even higher. I want to float above the clouds; I can’t be restrained by the sky. That’s my vision; that’s my dream for myself.

Sometimes I get down on life because it seems like I’m going nowhere. I’m in school 30 hours a week to learn stuff I’ll likely never use; Shakespeare and Calculus seem to give useless knowledge. When not in school, I’m earning a meagre $7 per hour at a dirty sub shop that charges outrageous prices for above-average subs. I have a limited number of friends and a limited number of opportunities to spend time with them. There’s just only so much you can do as a teenager. I only get the car a few times a week at most, and there just isn’t the freedom I’d like. I’m being smothered by the expectations from everyone; the government expects me to be at school, my parents expect me to be at church and home, and my employer expects me to be at work.

I suppose these are unescapable for the most part, but school will end soon enough, and I’m definitely not keeping my job forever. I won’t always be at home and I probably won’t stay in this city long enough to keep New Life as my home church once I move on in life. I just need to get away from everything long enough to prioritize myself once again.

After I finish my homework, I’m going to be deciding what I’m going to be doing with my life. I have college/university decisions to make that will affect the rest of my life. And I set today as the deadline for making a decision about what course path I would follow. After I review the circumstances and make my decision, I’m going to spend time reading my Bible, because I need a fresh view on life. As it says itself, the truth will set you free; I’m hoping I find the freedom I so desperately need in the Book of Truth itself.

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