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Tonight was my first official close at Quizno’s. Well, I had a close before this where I was listed as supervisor, but Tara was there and she’s a supervisor too, so it didn’t really count. Tonight I was working with Sarah, who’s in training to become a supervisor, so she knows her stuff, but I felt more in charge. Nice feeling, I must say. It sucks that I’m not going to see Kim, Tara, or Elliott much anymore though, since there’s never two supervisors working at the same time. I’ll probably miss them since I know them better than anyone else there, but I guess that’s the cost of moving up in the world – as small a move as it may be.

We got most of the stuff done we needed to do and the rest I figured we could go without doing and get away with it. But I signed us out right on time, 9:15, and I got out exactly when I expected to get out, 9:30. So all in all, it was a pretty good close I must say. I was still figuring out the best order to do stuff in, so I was a little slow – at least Sarah was awesome and covered for me whatever I missed or didn’t have time to do. She tends to keep to herself but I hope I can get to know her better – she seems like a cool person. And yes, I meant that in a non-sexual way.

As for anything else that happened today, there’s not much to talk about. I missed the bus again today and couldn’t care less. I walked home rocking to Blindside on my discman in 2 degree weather. I think I’m actually starting to enjoy walking more than taking the bus home. It gives me a chance to think, and I get to listen to my music for longer, which is always a bonus. The only thing I don’t like about the walk home is that I cut through the back of the school to save time, but I always seem to get there just as the stupid little kids get out. You know someone’s loud when you can hear them over top your music being pumped straight into your ears at a volume loud enough that other people can hear it. The younger kids are so loud and annoying, and the older ones either look like they’re future axe murderers (the guys) or they want me (the girls). And I don’t make a habit of hitting on girls 4 or 5 years younger than me – it’s bordering on pedophilia.

But all in all, walking home is relaxing. Perhaps I’ll try it more often. And as for work, I’m closing with Sarah again on Saturday, and opening with Kyle on Sunday morning. Sunday should be interesting – Kyle seems to have a habit of doing everything except working. He starts drawing on tape on his locker or making mascots out of paper cups and spoons. They look great, but they completely waste all the time that could have been spent, you know, doing what he’s supposed to be doing – working. Oh well, he’s a druggie, so I don’t expect much brainpower out of him. Poor pitiful soul. Just kidding – he’s pretty funny, just not much of a hard worker. Yes, Sunday should definitely be interesting.

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