Summary of the Burford Parade

Disclaimer: This post is from the archives, and may not represent the current views of the author. It also may not be at all interesting to read. Continue at your own peril!

Wow. That was…interesting. Hah, it was great. The Burford Santa Claus Parade was arguably a success! Let me tell you all about the night.

My parents drove Jordan and me down to Zac’s house along with our guitars and amps. We got there and put the stuff into the back of Zac’s truck (which has no tailgate for some strange reason, so we were kind of worried it would just fall out while we were driving, but oh well – it all arrived safely in the end). It took a little bit for Zac’s dad to round up the couple kids that were going along as well. We sat in the car in this order: Zac’s dad driving, Jordan on the passenger side, and Zac and his sister sitting in the part where the back seats should be. Zac’s brother sat in the back of the truck with the amps and stuff; there were some strange-looking seats back there. I was in the middle of the truck in the front – and it’s a manual. So here I am, sitting in the middle with the stick-shift in between my legs and hoping Mr. Baker grabs the right stick. For those that didn’t get that, don’t worry about it.

Anyways, we drove to the float and were quite late – the parade started at 5, and when we got there it was about 4:55. We parked in a school parking lot and then had to run with our amps and guitars to our float before it left. Jordan had the hardest time with his big 60-watt amp. But we all made it and got onto the float, having about 20 seconds to plug stuff in before it started up. We had two microphones which were thankfully already set up for us. However, we had absolutely no time to set up or practice a little bit before the parade started. Zac was horribly out of tune and I don’t think he ever completely got back in tune, but that didn’t really matter much since his low E string snapped on the first or second song. Since something had happened and we couldn’t get bigger amps from the church, I had my puny 10-watt amp cranked up to its maximum volume. I still couldn’t hear myself at all. So I tried to concentrate on singing instead, which wasn’t easy considering there was a bench in the middle of the float that I had to attempt to lean over in order to sing into the mic. I finally switched places with Zac since he was horribly off-tune at singing anyways. We totally forgot all the songs we had practiced – like, we didn’t forget how to play them, we just couldn’t think of the songs we knew. Oh well. We just repeated the ones we could think of, which isn’t too bad since it’s a parade and the people aren’t going to hear the same songs over again anyways.

Near the end, there weren’t many people watching, so we started going a little crazy. Jordan and I just started playing other songs we knew; since Zac doesn’t know any good songs, he just stood there. I started screaming into the mic; that was pretty awesome. Then I got hit in the eye with a snowball by Zac’s sister. She was aiming for Zac, but it glanced off his shoulder and hit me in the face, as another one hit the head of my bass as well. So, not only was my face cold, but the strings on my bass were too. I didn’t really want to play after that, so I just did background screaming to the Underoath songs Jordan was playing.

In all, the parade took about an hour, which is pretty good considering it’s Burford and it only has like two sets of traffic lights. Afterwards we went back to Brantford and went to Harvey’s. Free food is always good. Then I got dropped off at home, and here I am! That’s pretty much the whole night. Apparently we didn’t sound too bad, which is good considering Zac was off-tune and I couldn’t tell whether I was or not. But no matter what, it was fun. Jordan and/or his mom had the great idea of bringing hand and foot warmers, which are so cool ’cause it’s like a hot bean bag. It looks more like a tea bag though. But my hands were frozen within about the first five minutes, so it felt soooo good.

But yeah. That’s my night. Crazy fun. We also came up with the best band name ever. There’s actually a couple ones. As soon as you see it you’ll know how hyper we were. The first one we came up with is “The Ham.” That way you can say, “Hey, do you have any of The Ham on this CD?” Or possibly, “Have you seen The Ham?” The second one, related but different, is “H.A.M.” When people are like, “What does H-A-M stand for?” we can say, “Ham.” Then they look like idiots. But anyways. Fun night!

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