Short Post

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I don’t have much time right now to make a long post here (and you all went, “Phew!”), but I’ll just post a bit about my day. I missed the bus for the fourth day in a row, so it’s getting pretty stupid. So I just stopped in at Tim Horton’s and got a coffee for the walk home. It made everything so much better. I got home and got a call from Kim asking – well, begging really – me to come into work today because she needed to study for a Biology test, etc. etc. Being the nice guy that I am, I agreed, so I called my dad to get him to pick me up here at home. He’s such a nice guy too, and so he agreed. I’m glad we’re just all in agreement.

Okay, that sounds pretty gay. But anyways, I’m working an extra shift this week which means a little more cha-ching in my pocket – something that I am very grateful for. Unfortunately, my Biology essay and lab report will have to be put aside. Oh darn. I was just looking forward so much to that….

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